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nude′ mouse′

a hairless mutant laboratory-bred mouse having an immune system deficiency and able to accept grafts of foreign tissue.
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Noun1.nude mouse - a mouse with a genetic defect that prevents them from growing hair and also prevents them from immunologically rejecting human cells and tissues; widely used in preclinical trials
mouse - any of numerous small rodents typically resembling diminutive rats having pointed snouts and small ears on elongated bodies with slender usually hairless tails
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Anesthetized nude mice were disinfected with 75% alcohol and then inoculated with 200 [micro]L of the cell suspension in the middle of the lower abdomen.
In this study, the nude mice xenograft model was employed to investigate the mechanisms of antitumor effect of TFAE, such as the inhibition rate, biochemical index, HE staining, immunohistochemistry, and Western blot.
After subcutaneous injection of hydrogel scaffold with hADSCs or TAM-loaded hydrogel scaffold with hADSCs, respectively, into the nude mice, round mass was formed with regular shape and clear edge and retained its shape after being pressed slightly (Figure 7).
PepE potently inhibited in vivo tumor growth with no obvious toxicity following subcutaneous inoculation of SGC-7901 cells in nude mice.
Six-week-old athymic nude mice were purchased from the Guangdong Medical Laboratory Animal Center and used in accordance with institutional guidelines under approved protocols.
EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN: DU145 cells were injected into nude mice, and animals were fed normal drinking water or 1 or 2% IP6 in drinking water for 12 weeks.
In fact, similar phenomenon is confirmed in the nude mice. Namely, pulmonary cryptococcosis in homozygous (nu/nu) nude mice could not induce macrophage response (Figure 4(a)), whereas that in heterozygous (nu/-) nude mice could induce macrophage response with MGC formation (Figure 4(b)).
When introduced into nude mice, transformed cells were tumorigenic.
The nose: a site for the transmission of leprosy in nude mice. Am J Trop Med Hyg, 1985; 34: 1161-1166.
Safety experience includes extensive animal studies (2,3) in which significant adverse effects were seen only with parenteral (but not mucosal) exposure of nude mice to V-RG (4).
Still, Reisfeld joins Karl Eric Hellstrom of Oncogen in Seattle in calling the work "exciting." Anti-APO-1 is one of only a few antibodies with direct antitumor effects, says Hellstrom, who describes the tumor reduction in nude mice as "quite remarkable." Hellstrom says he thinks "it would be worthwhile to try to follow up in some clinical model." But he emphasizes the necessity of looking first for toxic effects on normal tissue.