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n. Mythology
The Mesopotamian god of waters and primeval establisher of law and order.

[Sumerian en-ki-k, lord of the earth : en, lord + ki, earth + -k, genitive suff.]
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Noun1.Enki - water god and god of wisdom; counterpart of the Akkadian Ea
Sumer - an area in the southern region of Babylonia in present-day Iraq; site of the Sumerian civilization of city-states that flowered during the third millennium BC
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Examples of this practice abound: "Nudimmud, / the god who created you, /from Abzu / abundance has increased for you" (p.
In various places in his works, Sitchin pointed out that the Sumerian word E.RI.DU can be translated as house built far away; indeed, e = "place," "house," "residence"; ri = "there," "further away," "far out there" (deictic particle indicating distance); du = "to build," "to erect." This Sumerian word (eridu) can indeed be traced (as indicated also by Sitchin 1990: 88) in the German Erde, the Old High German Erda, the Icelandic Jordh, the Danish Jord, the Middle English Erthe, the Gothic Airtha, the Teutonic Hertha, the Aramaic Aratha or Ereds; the Kurdish Erd or Ertz; the Hebrew Eretz or Aretz (the city of Eridu was identified by Sitchin as "Earth Station I," the first city built by the "gods" on Earth and given to Nudimmud, as a goldextracting facility by the edge of waters).