nuée ardente

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nuée ardente
eruption of Mt. St. Helens,
Skamania County, Washington
August 7, 1980

nu·ée ar·dente

 (no͞o-ā′ ăr-däNt′)
n. pl. nuées ardentes (no͞o-āz′ ăr-däNt′)
A fast-moving cloudlike mass consisting of gases, hot ash, and other material ejected from an erupting volcano.

[French : nuée, large cloud, thundercloud (from nue, cloud, high clouds; see nuance) + ardente, feminine of ardent, burning (from Old French ardant; see ardent in Indo-European roots).]

nuée ardente

(ˈnyeɪ ɑːˈdɑ̃t)
(Geological Science) a rapidly moving turbulent incandescent cloud of gas, ash, and rock fragments flowing close to the ground after violent ejection from a volcano. See also ignimbrite
[C20: from French, literally: burning cloud]
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On the flanks of HibokHibok are six hot springs, the most visited being Ardent Hot Spring, named after the French nuee ardente ("burning cloud") or hot pyroclastic flow.