nuée ardente

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nuée ardente
eruption of Mt. St. Helens,
Skamania County, Washington
August 7, 1980

nu·ée ar·dente

 (no͞o-ā′ ăr-däNt′)
n. pl. nuées ardentes (no͞o-āz′ ăr-däNt′)
A fast-moving cloudlike mass consisting of gases, hot ash, and other material ejected from an erupting volcano.

[French : nuée, large cloud, thundercloud (from nue, cloud, high clouds; see nuance) + ardente, feminine of ardent, burning (from Old French ardant; see ardent in Indo-European roots).]
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nuée ardente

(ˈnyeɪ ɑːˈdɑ̃t)
(Geological Science) a rapidly moving turbulent incandescent cloud of gas, ash, and rock fragments flowing close to the ground after violent ejection from a volcano. See also ignimbrite
[C20: from French, literally: burning cloud]
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On the flanks of HibokHibok are six hot springs, the most visited being Ardent Hot Spring, named after the French nuee ardente ("burning cloud") or hot pyroclastic flow.
Where would you see the cloud known as a nuee ardente? 8.