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1. the tip of a pen
2. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) (with respect to literature) clarity, precision, effectiveness



1. the writing end of a pen, esp. a small, tapering, metallic device with a split tip for drawing up ink and for writing; nib.
2. the tip or point of a ballpoint or other pen.
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A four times weekly non-stop service between Papeete and Auckland will be provided jointly by Air New Zealand and Air Tahiti Nui under a code share arrangement, subject to government approval.
One NUI utility, City Gas of Florida, will be renamed Florida City Gas to be more consistent with names of AGL Resources' other utility operations.
AGL Resources and NUI had requested expedited approval to close the transaction prior to year end - before the peak of the winter so that NUI customers would continue to receive natural gas service without interruption," said Paula Rosput Reynolds, chairman, president and chief executive officer of AGL Resources.
As AGL Resources recognized in its application for approval of the sale to the SEC, NUI Utilities is a fundamentally sound public utility company.
The rating action follows Fitch's analysis of AGLR's pending acquisition of the outstanding common stock of NUI for $220 million cash, plus the assumption of outstanding net debt (approximately $500 million as of June 30, 2004).
AGL Resources and NUI filed an application for approval of the transaction with the Securities and Exchange Commission and have requested expedited approval.
On October 28, NUI and AGL Resources filed an amendment to their application for approval of the sale with the SEC.
NUI and AGL Resources expect the sale to close between December 2004 and March 2005.
Although AGL Resources believes that the complaint is without merit, the Company also believes that litigation could delay and create uncertainty as to its ability to consummate its acquisition of NUI Corporation, and that such delay and uncertainty are not in the best interests of AGL Resources and its shareholders.
The new credit facilities comprise a $75 million senior secured credit facility to be made available to NUI Utilities and secured by NUI Utilities' receivables and related proceeds, and a $20 million senior unsecured credit facility to be made available to NUI by means of an amendment to NUI's existing $255 million senior unsecured credit facility.
NUI delivers natural gas to approximately 367,000 customers through its utility subsidiaries in New Jersey, Virginia, Florida, and Maryland and has regulated natural gas storage and pipeline assets in Virginia.
From 2001 to 2003, the number of passengers carried increased from 113,000 to 397,000 and for the first half of 2004, Air Tahiti Nui carried 214,000 passengers.