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Due to the complicated topography, hot and dry valleys with tropical climate (effective accumulative temperature of 8000[degrees]C with >10[degrees]C daily mean temperature and annual mean temperature > 20[degrees]C) exist in the deep bottoms of three big rivers below 1200 m altitude: the Jinshajiang (the upper reaches of the Yangtze River), the Yuanjiang (the upper reaches of the Red River), and the lower reaches of the Nujiang (the upper reaches of the Salween River) despite of latitude.
In addition, a few parts of western and eastern Yunnan, such as northern Diqing, Nujiang, Lijiang, Qujing, and Wenshan may experience greater rises in temperature (0.5-1.0[degrees]C).
Liu, "Evaluation and analysis on winter indoor thermal environment of dwellings in river valley in the middle part of Nujiang," Building Science, vol.
850 m, 2-V-1957, Zang Lingchao [IOZ(E)1045398-1045399]; 1 male, Nujiang River, Yunnan Province, China.
In Diqing, Nujiang, and Lijiang Prefectures, where no human or dog rabies cases have been reported, the population densities were 16.76-60.44 persons/[km.sup.2] and 3.44-8.74 dogs/[km.sup.2] (2012 census and 2012 dog population statistics derived from the Yunnan Animal Diseases Control Center).
The climate characteristics and changing trends overthe Nujiang River Basin in Tibet from 1971 to 2008.
A man, his wife and their child use a zipA[degrees]line to cross the Nujiang River in Lazimi village of Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture, China.
Grumbine deftly balances a personal travelogue of his visit to the Nujiang (Angry River) in Yunnan Province with an informative analysis of China's struggle between biodiversity protection and economic development.
Kibler noted that nearly one hundred small dams currently exist within Nujiang Prefecture alone.