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Noun1.null space - a space that contains no points; and empty space
mathematical space, topological space - (mathematics) any set of points that satisfy a set of postulates of some kind; "assume that the topological space is finite dimensional"
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For 1/(1 - v) < p [less than or equal to] [infinity], the operator [mathematical expression not reproducible] is compact, and since by the assumption (A3), the nullspace of I - T is trivial in C[0,1] implying that the null space of I - [??] is trivial in [??](R), the bounded inverse [mathematical expression not reproducible] exists.
The kernel is simply the collection of k-simplices which form the nullspace of the matrix which correspond to cycles (note that this agrees with the notion of graph-theoretic cycles).
Where [[omega].sub.k] presents the precoding unit-norm beamforming vector for user k is chosen in the direction of the projection of [h.sub.k] on the nullspace of [h.sub.j], j[not equal to]k.
We write N(T) and R(T) for the nullspace and range of an operator T [member of] B(H).
Thus for each eigenvalue pair ([gamma], 1/[gamma]) of [C.sup.T] and -K*, respectively, the coordinates of the eigenvectors of [C.sup.T] associated to [gamma] determine which linear combinations of the coordinate functions of y must satisfy a Fredholm-like orthogonality condition with elements of the nullspace of the resolvent 1/[gamma] + K*.
By [sigma](A), R(A), D(A), and N we denote the spectrum, range, domain, and nullspace of A, respectively.
In general, jamming signals are deliberately designed in nullspace of the legitimate channel.
Wang, "A nullspace based L1 minimizing Kalman filter approach to sparse CS reconstruction," in Proceedings of the 11th European Conference on Synthetic Aperture and Radar, June 2016.
(ii) from Corollary 12, [D.sup.-1]p is in the nullspace of the Laplacian Lap and [D.sup.-1] d = j;
Observe that the columns of the matrix U associated with null eigenvalues form a basis of the nullspace of A and that means that each individual (each column of A), if expressed in the base formed by the columns of U, will have at most [r.sub.A] nonnull coefficients; that is, we will not find more than [r.sub.A] independent elements in the Pareto front.
Because H and E have the same continuous condition on the tangential components, H will not be compatible with the nullspace of the curl operator if H and E also have the same order.
The first Q columns and the last N - Q columns of V span the row space and nullspace of H, respectively.