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The members of the legislative department, on the other hand, are numberous.
That was again clear after a bright start and a 10-point lead was wiped out by a Leinster team without numberous Ireland stars.
within Odontamblyopus and the relationship among three species hasn't been described with such numberous species studied.
Investigators found evidence that he had helped orchestrate the importation of the drugs, while analysis of his phones showed he had been in contact with people in Pakistan to arrange shipment and had made numberous calls to the shipping company.
During her 34year career at Statoil she has held numberous senior leadership positions, including EVP of health and safety and SVP of operations.
West is the Slave mountain & another that he [Grand Blanc] Gives no name, between the mountains there is numbers of small Rivers and little Lakes entirely Choaked up with Beaver Lodges--he says that he with a Good many of his relations [including his brothers, Tranquille and Beguirre (4)] Killed all the Beaver that they Brought from that Country in one [author's emphasis] of these Rivilets so of course they must be very numberous for he alone brought 170 Pluies exclusive of Robes Capots etc.
Since its inception in 2011, Transwestern's New Jersey office has led numerous charitable initiatives, ranging from collecting 300 pounds of food to the Community Food Bank of New Jersey, making contributions to numberous charity, sponsoring blood drives and promoting environmental awareness at the firm's LEED--certified offices at 300 Kimball Drive.
Known for his more than sixty theater plays, several collections of poetry, and numberous scripts for film, television, and radio, Barker is also an accomplished visual artist, director, and scenographer.
In addition to his tireless devotion to Clark, Professor Sultan published numberous books, articles, and chapters of literary criticism of note, including a path-breaking interpretation of Joyce's novel in "The Argument of Ulysses" and comparative studies of modernist fiction, drama and poetry.
Those which are to remain in the State governments are numberous and indefinite.
Versatility, flexibility and a well-earned reputation for consistency and reliability on numberous building projects has kept the 11-employee Thunder Bay firm in business for almost three decades.