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Abbr. NU A territory of northern Canada including part of the mainland west of Hudson Bay and most of the Arctic Archipelago. Primarily inhabited and controlled by the Inuit, it was formed from the eastern portion of the Northwest Territories in 1999. Iqaluit is the capital.


(Placename) a territory of NW Canada, formed in 1999 from part of the Northwest Territories as a semi-autonomous region for the Inuit; includes Baffin Island and Ellesmere Island. Capital: Iqaluit. Pop: 31 906 (2011 est). Area: 2 093 190 sq km (808 185 sq miles)


(ˈnu nəˌvut, ˈnʊn əˌvʊt)
a territory in N Canada, formerly the E part of the Northwest Territories. 25,000; 772,000 sq. mi. (2,000,000 sq. km).Cap.:Iqaluit. Abbr.: NT
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Noun1.Nunavut - an Arctic territory in northern Canada created in 1999 and governed solely by the Inuit; includes the eastern part of what was the Northwest Territories and most of the islands of the Arctic Archipelago; "Nunavut is the homeland of the Inuit people"
Canada - a nation in northern North America; the French were the first Europeans to settle in mainland Canada; "the border between the United States and Canada is the longest unguarded border in the world"
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As part of Canada 150, the Government of Canada has added the symbols of Nunavut to the Centennial Flame so that every province and territory, from coast to coast to coast, is now represented.
Jack Hicks, we are told, "literally lived the Nunavut decentralization experience" (p.
Made in Nunavut : An Experiment in Decentralized Government, Jack Elicks and Graham White, University of British Columbia Press, Vancouver, 2015, 375 pages
IN THE SPRING and summer of 2014 and late winter 2015,1 lived and worked in the beautiful vibrant hamlet of Igloolik, Nunavut, a coastal Inuit community of more than 1800 people located on Igloolik Island about 300 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle.
There are no formal roads connecting the 25 separate communities of Nunavut nor are they connected by railroad.
Tununiq MLA Joe Enook moved a motion to refer the Nunavut Housing Corporation's Agreement for the Management and Administration of Local Housing Organization Programs to the Committee of the Whole for detailed consideration during the upcoming fall 2015 sitting of the House.
It is increasingly rare to hear politicians in Nunavut use the term "colonialism" to describe the territory's present predicament.
While the Northwest Territories often claim the title of "Canada's last frontier," Nunavut is truly the lesser explored of all three Canadian territories.
First Nations Bank of Canada has announced that it has opened a community centre in Nunavut.
released 2014/15 Budget of the Government of Nunavut (1, stable), the
A group of Inuit heritage workers from Nunavut were in Edmonton recently to learn how to better manage museums and cultural centres in Nunavut.
For a potentially fresh model, we turned in a less-traveled (and, for the authors, much less familiar) direction: the far north, specifically the Canadian Territory of Nunavut.