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 (nən-chä′ko͞o) or nun·chuck (nŭn′chŭk′) or num·chuck (nŭm′-)
n. often nunchakus or nunchucks or numchucks
A pair of hardwood sticks joined by a chain or cord and used as a weapon.

[Okinawan Japanese, probably from Taiwanese neng-cak, a type of farm implement : neng, two, paired (akin to Mandarin liǎng, from Middle Chinese liaŋ´) + cak, chisel (akin to Mandarin záo, chisel, from Middle Chinese dzak).]


1. (Martial Arts (other than Judo & Karate) & Combat Sports) martial arts
a. a throwing weapon consisting of two sticks linked loosely with a chain or fine rope
b. (as modifier): nunchaku weapons.
2. (Martial Arts (other than Judo & Karate) & Combat Sports) (as modifier): nunchaku weapons.


(nʌnˈtʃɑ ku)

n., pl. -kus.
Sometimes, nunchakus. an Oriental hand weapon consisting of two sticks joined by a chain or cord.
Also called nun-chucks (ˈnʌnˌtʃʌks)
[1965–70; < Japanese]
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A JEALOUS Coventry thug, who launched a nunchuk and knife attack on a man he wrongly believed was a love rival, must accept his stiff jail term, top judges have ruled.
Christopher Walker, 31, of 14 Tanyard Road allegedly hit his mother in the head with a nunchuk before the standoff.
The Wii Mini comes with a red Wii Remote Plus controller in the box along with a red Nunchuk controller.
The Nunchuk remote and Sensor Bar will also be available as a part of the bundle.
Showing the kind of courage that gets you the Victoria Cross, supernan Ann waded into the gang of sledgehammer-wielding young villains, brandishing her handbag like it was a deadly weapon to rival Bruce Lee's nunchuk, King Arthur's Excalibur, or Dirty Harry's Magnum.
The linear levels prove to be fairly flat, with the Wiimote and nunchuk controls struggling to recreate any connection with the physical reality of the free running world.
Linear levels prove to be fairly flat, with the Wiimote and nunchuk struggling to create any connection with the physical reality of the free-running world.
These controller cases for the wii-remote and nunchuk tie in with the Epic Mickey game which was released recently to huge critical acclaim.
Control is a bit sloppy using the standard Wiimote and nunchuk, with the classic controller proving to be the most solid way to slink around levels and nd cover points.
Used in the correct way, the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, players unleash the full potential of your bending powers, through special hand movements, and from here you'll learn how to manipulate air and fire, creating destructive forces such as Air Vortexes, Tornadoes, Fire Balls, and Fire Bombs, to take down enemies.
99, Namco ANYONE who's a fan of the Ace Combat series should be rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of getting the Wiimote and nunchuk in their hands for another dose of flight fun and frolics from the team who brought you those great air combat experiences.
99 package includes the Wii console, the motion-sensing Wii Remote controller, Nunchuk controller and Wii Sports software.