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n.1.(Roman & Old Eng. Law) A messenger.
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Published in his Siderius nuncius in 1610, these sketches are considered the earliest images of our satellite drawn with the aid of a telescope.
Nuncius Series: Studies and Sources in the Material and Visual History of Science; Volume 2
5)As Henry had ambitions for domination of the Gotland trade since 1161, when the Artlenburg Privilege was signed, offering generous rights to the Germans on Gotland and allowing the nomination of his representative as nuncius Theutonicorum to the island (6), we may assume that he was involved in the building of the Visby church.
Nuncius Annali di Storia della Scienza XVII, 673-689.
9) Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) announced his application of the telescope to the practice of astronomy in 1610 with the publication of Sidereus Nuncius (The Starry Messenger).
A Nuncius addresses an apparently young "kyng of Crystmas," who has been "sodenly call" to his "astate royall," and seven sages offer moral advice on how the king should comport himself in his new position of power.
The second Renaissance of Galileo (Sidereus Nuncius, 1610), Bacon (Novum Organum, 1620), Mersenne (Quaestiones celeberrimae in Genesim, 1623), Gassendi (Exercitationes paradoxicae contra Aristoteleos, 1624), Descartes (Regulae ad directionem Ingenii, 1628), Boyle (The Sceptical Chymist, 1661) and (e.
On the one hand, Galileo's telescope--which revealed the presence of the satellites of Jupiter and the phases exhibited by Venus--, along with his groundbreaking Sidereus nuncius (written toward 1610), not only provided support for the Copernican hypothesis of the solar system, but also contributed to resolving the nebulous Milky Way into a vast system of stars, thereby founding a new science of stellar astronomy.
When Galileo had failed to acknowledge the support of the Venetian Republic in the Sidereus nuncius and then took up residence in Padua as chief mathematician to the Grand Duke of Tuscany, and as professor for life at the university, it had the impact of the victory of one state over another, creating lasting enmity on the part of some in Venice.
I passaggi relativi alla musica che chiudono il documento-cardine della Reggenza italiana del Carnaro devono essere altresi posti in relazione con altri scritti dannunziani sia anteriori sia posteriori all'esperienza fiumana, come lo Statuto della Corporazione Delle Nuove Musiche (da d'Annunzio latinizzato in Concentus Decimae Nuncius Musae) e il "Preludio" alla Raccolta Nazionale di Musiche Italiane/I Classici della Musica Italiana.
Com a restauracao pode-se observar que a lua de Cigoli apresentava crateras como as que foram observadas por Galileo, de cuja obra ressalta-se especialmente o Sidereus Nuncius (O Mensageiro das Estrelas) e o Trattato delle Macchie Solari e loro Accidenti (Tratado das Manchas Solares e seus Acidentes) (Silva, 2013).
It is true that the Imagination is an agent or nuncius in both provinces, both the judicial and the ministerial.