Nunivak Island

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Nu·ni·vak Island

An island of western Alaska in the Bering Sea.
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Dancing in the moonlight Of course, as northern Scotland lies at the same latitude as Stavanger in Norway and Nunivak Island in Alaska, there is an excellent chance of spotting the 'Mirrie Dancers' on our doorstep.
Cluster 6 (Circumpolar America): Polar Eskimo; Netsilik; Iglulik; Baffin Land Eskimo; Labrador Eskimo; West Greenland Eskimo; Caribou; Copper Eskimo; Eest Greenland Eskimo; Mackenzie Delta Eskimo; Nunivak; Ingalik; Kerek; St.Lawrence Eskimo; Kamchadal; Reindeer Koryak; Maritime Koryak;
They resemble 19th-century shaft attachments collected by Edward Nelson from Nunivak Island off the southwest coast of Alaska, which were used to secure lines on composite harpoons (Fitzhugh and Kaplan, 1983:77).
James Mery, Doyon senior vice president of lands and natural resources, said that the Doyon Nunivak #2 well drilled in 2013 encountered several hundred feet of propane rich, gas saturated sandstone.
THE ROCKY SHORE OF NUNIVAK ISLAND lies 30 miles off the coast of western Alaska in the Bering Sea.
Muskoxen were introduced onto Alaska's Nunivak Island in 1935 and have been hunted by limited permit for many years.
His last photographs, taken in the late 1920s, cover the half-dozen distinct groups of Eskimo, as well as the Nunivak, Noatak, Kobuk and Selawik.
Morgan was apparently smitten (118); Before the Storm--Apache, four Natives on horseback highlighted against an ominous sky (135); Cabob de Chelly, Navajo riders filing past towering monuments of stone (158); A Heavy Load--Sioux, a woman wrapped in blankets trudging through snow after gathering firewood (176); Eagle Catcher--Hidatsa, a man holding a bird of prey is himself perched on a precipitous crag (192); The Fisherman--Wishwam, a Chinook man netting salmon in churning rapids (205); and Woman and Child, an infant on Nunivak Island clinging to its mother in a profusion of commingled furs (288).
Matthew and Nunivak islands and in the Aleutians from the Rat Islands south to off Washington State (Pietsch 1993), the record cited here extends the range of Triglops macellus 272 km west in the Aleutian Islands to the Near Islands.
Francis, "An example of consequent mantle metasomatism in peridotite inclusions from Nunivak Island, Alaska," Journal of Petrology, vol.
Lawrence Island, and south of Nunivak Island (Fay, 1982; Speckman et al., 2010; Fig.
In 1995, I served as the Executive Officer of the 110-foot patrol boat Coast Guard Cutter Nunivak. We sailed up the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet (now closed as a result of Hurricane Katrina) on our way to dry dock in Harvey, Louisiana, which is in the New Orleans area.