Nunivak Island

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Nu·ni·vak Island

An island of western Alaska in the Bering Sea.
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THE ROCKY SHORE OF NUNIVAK ISLAND lies 30 miles off the coast of western Alaska in the Bering Sea.
Muskoxen were introduced onto Alaska's Nunivak Island in 1935 and have been hunted by limited permit for many years.
Morgan was apparently smitten (118); Before the Storm--Apache, four Natives on horseback highlighted against an ominous sky (135); Cabob de Chelly, Navajo riders filing past towering monuments of stone (158); A Heavy Load--Sioux, a woman wrapped in blankets trudging through snow after gathering firewood (176); Eagle Catcher--Hidatsa, a man holding a bird of prey is himself perched on a precipitous crag (192); The Fisherman--Wishwam, a Chinook man netting salmon in churning rapids (205); and Woman and Child, an infant on Nunivak Island clinging to its mother in a profusion of commingled furs (288).
At that time, 31 reindeer from Nunivak Island were released on St.
Nunivak Island, which has volcanic origin, features sandy beaches that merge into active sand dunes.
After determining that the historical range of this species included arctic Russia, the FWS arranged for the capture of 40 muskoxen on Nunivak Island, Alaska, for transport to the Taimyr Peninsula and Wrangel Island in Russia.
The first 25 knitters were all from Mekoryuk, Alaska, located on Nunivak Island.
In the 1930s, an Alaskan project to domesticate musk oxen from Greenland was attempted, but it failed, and the remaining animals were released on Nunivak Island where the herd turned wild.
In 1986, Griffin traveled to Nunivak Island in the Bering Sea, where an elder had happened upon a giant round stone head.
Three decades later, the average extent of southeastern sea ice was just south of Nunivak Island.
The primary subject matter of this case concerns the development of strategy for a small native village corporation on Nunivak Island, with the added challenge of determining both strategic and operational issues falling solely within the purview of the corporation's board of directors.
The sample from the northern Queen Charlottes is near the southern boundary of that group, and the sample from Nunivak Island is near the northern boundary.