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n.1.Same as Nupson.
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He saw that the provisions of the Roadmap Agreement are perfectly in tune with the visions and positions of the NUP about how to achieve a negotiated peaceful solution since 1999.
In a press conference on Wednesday, the NUP said the slogan of its next political campaign would be "Here are the people''.
He asserted that the NUP was authorized by the Sudan Call forces to represent them in the meeting , adding that "the 7+7 will not accept the participation of the Reform Now Movement.
The NUP and the RNM parties said in a joint statement following a "consultative" meeting in Khartoum that "we declare our rejection of attempts by the NCP and its allies to control the meeting procedures".
He criticized the prolonged presence of the NUP leader al-Sadiq al-Mahdi abroad saying he has no excuse for that.
The African Union High Level Implementation Panel (AUHIP), which mediate the peace talks, reportedly will determine the dates of separate talks between the government and armed groups and the preparatory meeting that will include the government, NUP, and rebels after Paris meeting.
The NUP officials said the NCP's insistence on holding the dialogue according to its own agenda represents a real threat to stability in Sudan and the region, adding it would waste chances for achieving peace and political solution.
The security forces, even before the protest, arrested Mohamed Mukhtar al-Khatib the political secretary of the Sudanese Communist Party, and Mohamed Aldoma, a NUP deputy chairperson.
Asked if the NUP would support the shift to federalism and reimposition of the death penalty being pushed by the incoming President, Garcia said: All the legislative agenda but I think, per legislative agenda, it will be discussed also among partymates.
Q: Three months later, NUP announced that it had acquired
While Steelworkers president Gerard says he applauds any NUP attempts to organize more effectively, he'd oppose any effort by the group to challenge Sweeney if he runs for re-election as AFL-CIO president.
The National Umma Party renews its clear position on the right of the Nuba Mountains to self-determination and affirms that self-determination is successful when it faces a foreign colonial rule, but in the case of internal injustice and inequality in the context of a national state, the struggle for legitimate rights and demands is the best way to achieve internal peace and justice," reads a statement extended to Sudan Tribune by the NUP leadership.