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Noun1.Nuphar - spatterdocksNuphar - spatterdocks        
magnoliid dicot genus - genus of dicotyledonous flowering plants regarded as among the most primitive of extant angiosperms
cow lily, Nuphar advena, spatterdock, yellow pond lily - common water lily of eastern and central North America, having broad leaves and globe-shaped yellow flowers; in sluggish fresh or slightly brackish water
Nuphar lutea, yellow water lily - a water lily with yellow flowers
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1996), while all the seeds attributed to Cannabis genus belonged to the yellow waterlily (Nuphar lutea) (Grikpedis & Motuzaite Matuzeviciute 2017).
We incorporate field-based study that includes all species of macrophytes, to extend previous work that focused specifically on water lily species (Nymphaea spp., Nuphar spp.).
ex Steud., the floating-leaved Nuphar lutea (L.), and the helophyte Sparganium emersum Rehm.
Shallow lakes that host an abundance of aquatic macrophytes (Nuphar polysepalum Engelm, Calla palustris L, Pogomogenon spp.) are also common in the study area (Smith et al, 2004).
Th ES-IT Notobasis syriaca (L.) Th SS-IT Nuphar luteum (L.) Smith Hy IT Oliveria decumbens Vent.
Among aquatic plants, the sequences of chloroplast genome have been accomplished for Nuphar advena [53], Najas flexilis [54], Elodea canadensis [55], Utricularia foliosa [56], Lemna minor [57], and three other species in different genera of the Lemnoideae--Spirodela polyrhiza, Wolffiella lingulata, and Wolffia australiana [58].
Alisma spp., Cressa cretica L., Hippuris vulgaris L., Lemna minor L., Nuphar lutea (L.) Sm., Persicaria hydropiper (L.) Delarbre, Sparganium spp.
Megamelus davisi feeds on yellow pond lily (Nuphar advena [Aiton]; Nymphaeaceae), and its eggs are parasitized by Kalopolynema ema (Schauff and Grissell) (Hymenoptera: Mymaridae) (Fig.
Gopas, "Leishmania major: anti-leishmanial activity of Nuphar lutea extract mediated by the activation of transcription factor NF-[kappa]B," Experimental Parasitology, vol.
Vegetation in the Klamath Basin marshes is primarily composed of sedge-reed communities, with components of bulrush (Cyperaceae spp.), cattails (Typhaceae spp.), and Wocus Lily (Nuphar luteum) (Johnson and others 1985).
Formaciones mixtas y complejas que contrastan con la actual predominancia y monoespecificidad de los encinares de esta zona (Devesa, 1995), a los que se sumaria un dosel ripario estructurado en torno a fresnos, chopos, adelfas, narcisos y algunas plantas acuaticas como Nuphar sp., dejando entrever un ambiente mas humedo y atlantico en la antiguedad que el continental y meso/ termo-mediterraneo actual, tal y como se pone de manifiesto en otras areas geograficas vecinas con manifestaciones megaliticas (Allue, 2000; Duque, 2002, 2005a, 2005b y 2006 (4); Figueiral, 1998; Lopez Garcia, 1994; Queiroz, 2001).