Nuphar lutea

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Noun1.Nuphar lutea - a water lily with yellow flowersNuphar lutea - a water lily with yellow flowers  
water lily - an aquatic plant of the family Nymphaeaceae
genus Nuphar, Nuphar - spatterdocks
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The inflows of Vortsjarv are also rich in the macrophytes Phragmites australis and Nuphar lutea, which suppress riverine turbulence and create an undisturbed habitat for invertebrates as well as provide a substrate for many epiphytic algae (Piirsoo et al.
Gopas, "Leishmania major: anti-leishmanial activity of Nuphar lutea extract mediated by the activation of transcription factor NF-[kappa]B," Experimental Parasitology, vol.
62 Aquatic floating leaf macrophyte Yellow pond-lily Nuphar lutea 1.
However a partially purified alkaloid fraction (NUP) extracted from Nuphar Lutea, exhibited leishmanicidal activity that was both directly cytotoxic to parasites and via activation of NF-[kappa]B of infected macrophages leading to elevated production of NO (Ozer et al.