Nuphar lutea

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Noun1.Nuphar lutea - a water lily with yellow flowersNuphar lutea - a water lily with yellow flowers  
water lily - an aquatic plant of the family Nymphaeaceae
genus Nuphar, Nuphar - spatterdocks
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ex Steud., the floating-leaved Nuphar lutea (L.), and the helophyte Sparganium emersum Rehm.
Gopas, "Leishmania major: anti-leishmanial activity of Nuphar lutea extract mediated by the activation of transcription factor NF-[kappa]B," Experimental Parasitology, vol.
Plant macrofossils (Najas marina, Carex vesicaria, Schoenoplectus lacustris, Nuphar lutea) that typically inhabit wet areas like lakes, ponds and swamps were also found from SU2.
5.65 2.17 3.31 9.62 Aquatic floating leaf macrophyte Yellow pond-lily Nuphar lutea 1.11 3.15 -2.13 7.05 White water lily Nymphaea spp.
However a partially purified alkaloid fraction (NUP) extracted from Nuphar Lutea, exhibited leishmanicidal activity that was both directly cytotoxic to parasites and via activation of NF-[kappa]B of infected macrophages leading to elevated production of NO (Ozer et al.
Bite size (g/bite) Species n x SD arrow-leaved groundsel (Senecio triangularis) 3 1.56 0.03 bog birch (Betula glandulosa) 11 0.54 0.02 drummond willow (Salix drummondiana) 28 1.56 0.35 geyer willow (Salix geyeriana) 52 1.08 0.12 grasses 20 0.66 0.16 mountain alder (Alnus incana) 23 1.30 0.23 mountain willow (Salix monticola) 61 1.32 0.26 plane-leaf willow (Salix planifolia) 45 0.60 0.05 western dock (Rumex aquaticus) 8 2.48 0.19 thistle (Cirsium spp.) 2 1.28 0.03 trembling aspen (Populus tremuloides) 6 1.80 0.31 whiplash willow (Salix lasiandra) 6 1.38 0.22 wolf willow (Salix wok) 3 0.64 0.04 yellow water-lily (Nuphar lutea ssp.
Some of the larger openings in the Open Cypress Swamps (such as portions of Clinton Lake, Figure 7) belong to the Nuphar lutea Permanently Flooded Herbaceous Alliance (V.C.2.N.a.040) where Nuphar dominates, or to the southern variant of the Potomogeton spp./Ceratophyllum spp./Elodea spp.