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Tenders are invited for Nut Lock For Bobrn Wagon To Drg No.
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply of Strap Saddle Assy Complete, Cap Valve, Nut Lock M10, Handle Carrying For Fitting, Pin Tapper Notched 6mm X Dia 24 Mm Long, Ramp Winch Handle, Crank Hand Folding, Lace For Km Float, Carrying Handle Km
Tenders are invited for Belt Tensioning Rod With Nut Lock Nut And Forked Eye For 4.
Bolt For Stay Arm Insulator Size 10X65x30mm With Nut Lock Nut And Flat Washer
Because the WHEEL BOSS adjusting nut locks tightly to the spindle, instead of a tang in the keyway, the spindle thread life is also improved.
He added: "We're warning drivers to make sure cars are locked up properly, wheel nut locks are used and any property attractive to thieves is removed.
A single hydraulic cylinder drives the nut locks that fix the moving platens to the tiebars.