Nutmeg liver

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(Med.) a name applied to the liver, when, as the result of heart or lung disease, it undergoes congestion and pigmentation about the central veins of its lobules, giving it an appearance resembling that of a nutmeg.

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This process causes the classic gross appearance of nutmeg liver, and longstanding congestion can lead to extensive fibrosis (termed either cardiac sclerosis or cardiac cirrhosis).
Other abnormalities such as pulmonary fibrosis, alopecia, mental retardation, small genitals, premature aging, nutmeg liver, horseshoe kidneys, amyloidosis, and development of Hodgkin's disease, and adenocarcinoma have also been reported.
The most frequently observed necropsy findings included bloodfilled body cavities (Figure 1-D) and pulmonary edema (75%; 3/4), followed by anasarca (50%; 2/4) and nutmeg liver (50%; 2/4); a concomitant cutaneous mast cell tumor was diagnosed in dog 4.