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A food or naturally occurring food supplement thought to prevent disease or have other beneficial effects on human health. Also called functional food.


(Cookery) another name for functional food


or nu•tri•ceu•ti•cal

(ˌnu trəˈsu tɪ kəl, ˌnyu-)
a food or natural substance that contains or is supplemented with ingredients purported to have health benefits.
[1985–90; nutr (ition) + (pharm) aceutical)]
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Their topics include principles for the oversight of nanotechnologies and nanomaterials in nutraceuticals and functional foods, dietary fibers and the etiology of health and disease: an emerging concept of nanonutraceuticals, modeling and simulating nanobiosystems with special reference to functional foods and nutraceuticals, nanotechnology-based nutraceuticals for use in cardiovascular disease: toward a paradigm shift in adjuvant therapy, and the ethics and economics of nanonutraceuticals.
Increased consumer spending on functional foods and beverages has been presenting lucrative prospects for the global nutraceuticals market.
com)-- Future Market Insights (FMI), delivers key insights on the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) nutraceuticals market in its latest report titled, "Nutraceuticals Market: Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment, 2015 - 2020.
The rise in the purchasing power of this middle-income population enables them to spend on Nutraceuticals products which cater to the problems related to their dynamic lifestyles.
Delhi, April 29 -- The nutraceuticals industry has evolved massively over the years, with respect to the range of market offerings across the different geographic markets.
20 January 2012 - US dietary and personal care products manufacturer LTS Nutraceuticals Inc (OTCBB:LTSN) said in a press release it had wrapped up the acquisition of three businesses collectively referred to as Biocalth.
The topics include advances in extracting plant products in nutraceutical processing, theory and equipment for nutraceutical processing using mixing technology, separation technologies in nutraceutical processing, the rheology of complex fluids containing nutraceuticals, packaging nutraceuticals derived from plants, fortifying and enhancing the value of food products during nutraceutical processing using microencapsulation and nanotechnology, flavoring nutraceuticals, and new technologies to protect nutraceuticals against counterfeiting.
The market for nutraceuticals in India is reportedly growing more than double the speed of global market at the rate of 18% for the last two to three years.
Several weeks ago, the Food and Drug Administration proposed rules designed to stem quality-control problems in dietary supplements, including nutraceuticals.
The combination of these phytochemicals with foods, supplements or other nutraceuticals has the potential to provide greater health benefits than can be achieved from single, uncombined supplements.
Called nutraceuticals, the products encompass a wide variety of food, beverage and dietary supplements enhanced with vitamins, minerals, herbs and other nutrients.