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A food or naturally occurring food supplement thought to prevent disease or have other beneficial effects on human health. Also called functional food.


(Cookery) another name for functional food


or nu•tri•ceu•ti•cal

(ˌnu trəˈsu tɪ kəl, ˌnyu-)
a food or natural substance that contains or is supplemented with ingredients purported to have health benefits.
[1985–90; nutr (ition) + (pharm) aceutical)]
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M2 EQUITYBITES-April 7, 2016-Plandai Biotechnology reports first delivery of nutriceutical products to USA customers
The Uruguay subsidiary of Plandai Biotechnology, a developer of highly bioavailable plant extracts for industries including health, wellness, nutriceutical, and pharmaceutical, has executed a research agreement with the Foundation for the Development of Basic Sciences and the Group of Medicinal Chemistry from the School of Science at the University of the Republic in Montevideo, Uruguay, it was reported yesterday.
15 December 2014 - UK-based nutriceutical company Hantian Labs has acquired Canada-based supplement and nutrition company Gravity Nutritionals, Hantian said on Monday.
In our research, obesity-induced leaky kidney and proteinuria are shown to be prevented by GSSE, which suggests the use of GSSE as a preventive nutriceutical for high-risk patients," said co-author Kamel Charradi, a researcher with the Laboratory of Bioactive Substance at the Center of Biotechnology of Borj-Cedria (CBBC) in Tunisia.
Not that long ago, another merger was made between two nutriceutical companies, and distributing of these products is now via direct ordering only.
Works With Water, a brand of nutriceutical drinks; Delicate Balance, a prebiotic flavoured water that enhances good bacteria in the gut; and Eau Man, which is rich in fibre, were just some of the functional water products to hit shelves last year.
Endovasc's other products include Angiogenix(TM) -- the revolutionary new treatment that has shown to recruit the body's own stem cells that help grow new heart vessels to relieve chest pain and improve heart function, biodegradable stents, drug-delivery stents and newly discovered nutriceutical applications that may accelerate development of muscle mass and treat obesity in overweight diabetic women.
But in the laboratory, hairy roots can be harnessed to produce plant extracts with nutriceutical and pharmaceutical value.
pharmaceutical, nutriceutical, medical device and specialty chemical
This is not to say, however, that nutriceutical and/or functional products do not have their place -- both in terms of personal health care and in terms of the value such drinks have in a profitable lineup of beverage offerings to the post-specialty-coffee consumer.
In addition, the NIEHS has a special interest in interactions between environmental exposures and the beneficial or detrimental effects of botanical (herbal) and nutriceutical dietary supplements.
Entrepreneurs interested in developing food and nutriceutical products from non-timber sources can receive assistance from the Portage la Prairie Food Development Corporation.