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 (no͞o′trə-jə-nō′mĭks, nyo͞o′-)
n. (used with a sing. verb)
The study of how the genome and diet interact to influence human and animal health and disease.

[nutri(tional) + genomics.]


the study of how food affects people according to their genetic make-up
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One is a nutrigenomics, another is a pharmacological test.
This question is at the heart of an emerging science called nutrigenomics, (2)
Because whilst science is bringing the "know" with it via genetics, nutrigenomics and microbiome research, the food industry seems to be still in its infancy regarding the "how".
Industry interest in personalized genetic testing and nutrigenomics is growing, according to a recent survey of over 200 nutrition professionals who were asked to pick the three most important trends for the future of the industry.
Everyone who undergoes myDNA Pro's genetic testing will receive two reports: a nutrigenomics test report or the nutrition, diet, and exercise profile of the individual, and a comprehensive health risk report report, which details the person's genetic risk of specific chronic diseases, lifestyle assessment, and consolidated health score.
Another growing field is nutrigenomics, which looks at how what we eat actually changes our genes.
A second feature in this issue addresses nutrigenomics, a branch of science that considers the relationship between food intake and an individual's genetic makeup.
On the basis of application, the market is segmented into biomarker discovery, drug discovery, nutrigenomics, toxicology testing, personalized medicine, functional genomics, and others.
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