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 (nī-ăs′ə, nyä′sä), Lake also Lake Malawi
A lake of southeast-central Africa between Tanzania, Mozambique, and Malawi.


(nɪˈæsə; naɪˈæsə) or


(Placename) Lake Nyasa a lake in central Africa at the S end of the Great Rift Valley: the third largest lake in Africa, drained by the Shire River into the Zambezi. Area: about 28 500 sq km (11 000 sq miles). Malawi name: (Lake) Malawi


(məˈlɑ wi)

n., pl. -wis, (esp. collectively) -wi.
1. Formerly, Nyasaland. a republic in SE Africa, on Lake Malawi: formerly a British protectorate; became an independent member of the Commonwealth of Nations in 1964; a republic since 1966. 10,000,416; 45,747 sq. mi. (118,484 sq. km).Cap.: Lilongwe.
2. Lake. Formerly, Nyasa. a lake in SE Africa, between Malawi, Tanzania, and Mozambique. 11,000 sq. mi. (28,500 sq. km).
3. Maravi.
Ma•la′wi•an, adj., n.
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The government of Tanzania, acting through Reli Assets Holding Com- pany (RAHCO), has invited firms to bid for a feasibility study and pre- liminary design for the construction of a railway line from the southern port of Mtwara on the Indian Ocean to the port of Mbamba Bay on Lake Nyasa, with spurs to the Liganga and Mchuchuma iron-ore and coal deposits in the Njombe region.
The Mtwara-Lake Nyasa railway project comes at time when the government is also constructing a standard gauge railway line from Dar es Salaam to Kigoma and Mwanza to replace the old central railway built by the German colonial power between 190s and 1914.
The Nyasa Times, an English language daily in the country, said the new approach to Tehran means the government "has clearly embarked on a financially-motivated policy path, perhaps wishing to expand the donor base by seeking out new aid contributors who would be less conditionality-minded and less critical of human rights and governance.
Sammy's proud father, Ehab, the Japan Karate Association Bahrain's chief instructor, was delighted to record the latest success which was also mirrored by three other young karate enthusiasts, Riddhilman Mehra, 11, Nyasa Goel, 11, and Dhruv Kotecha, 13, who have all been training intensively in the art for more than four years.
Malawi16 September 2013 -The Nyasa Times reported on Monday that police had "important leads" they were pursuing after the budget director in the Ministry of Finance, Paul Mphwiyo, was shot on Friday.
Nyasa Times (2012) Malawi President State of the Nation's Address in Full.
while leading an expedition of the Royal Geographical Society to Lake Nyasa.
Similarly, they are Kelemera to the Nyabungu of Ruanda, Lemila to the Nyasa of Malawi, Selemela in Sotho, Shirimela in Tsonga, Selemela in Tswana, Tshilimela in Venda, and isiLimela in Xhosa and Zulu.
Along the same lines, various forms of nyasa (the installation of mantras and phonemes within the body) relate to viewing the coordination of the body, speech, and consciousness, ultimately the self or pure consciousness permeating the rest (CVS 14-17).
She may command a strong fan following even today, but her daughter Nyasa is not too impressed.
Across: 6 Trieste 8 Dhahran 10/22 Black carbon 11 Hilversum 12 Charleroi 13/4 Solar panels 14 Osaka 16 Age 17 Nyasa 19 Petra 21 Tocantins 24 Alligator 25 Viper 26 Lapland 27 Ostrava Down: 1 Cicada 2 Menhir 3 Adelaide 5 Brasilia 6 Tobacco 7 St Kilda 9 Namur 15 Antelope 16 Altitude 17 Nunavut 18 Assyria 19 Pearl 20 Afghan 23 Imphal
The 43-year-old actor added that he shielded his daughter, Nyasa, for as long as possible.