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n.1.(Zool.) A genus of marine univalve shells; the harp shells; - so called from the form of the shells, and their ornamental ribs.
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The Swedish trio Bazar BlEN have played together for the past 20 years, offering instrumental music that mixes the traditional Swedish instrument nyckelharpa with percussions and bass-guitar, making their music appealing to an international audience.
Christian's cello playing forms the core, augmented by Indian sitara, Indian sarangi, Swedish nyckelharpa, Indian dhilruba, Indian swaramandala, medieval psaltery, lapsteel/electric/acoustic guitars, bamboo flute, ethnic percussion, electronic keyboards and more.
Showcasing the best of today's folk scene, the line-up features a mix of local talent and artists and folk dance groups from around the globe, including Liverpool-born Steve Tilston , festival favourites Allan-Yn-Fa, Scottish smallpipes, accordion and Swedish nyckelharpa supremos Vicky Swann and Jonny Dyer and theatre star Bob Fox.
In addition to the fiddle, Jarvela plays a pump organ called a harmonium, the nyckelharpa (a keyed fiddle), the mandolin, and the kantele (a plucked string instrument similar to a dulcimer).
The author also includes string instruments of other cultures and offers illustrations and descriptions of traditional bowed string instruments such as the Arabic rebab, China's erhu and the nyckelharpa from Sweden.
Clare Salaman, who appears with the Ian McMillan Orchestra as well as performing her own work, is a multi instrumentalist and composer who plays violin, baroque violin, hurdgurdy, nyckelharpa, medieval vielle, rebec, hardanger fiddle and accordion.
THE haunting sounds of Scottish smallpipes, Swedish nyckelharpa, accordion and guitar are skillfully blended when Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer take the stage.
Sanderson was particularly struck by Camaras playing of a traditional West African one-stringed instrument called the ritL She was a fiddle-player herself, in the Scots tradition, who had also become enchanted with the Swedish nyckelharpa, a multistringed fiddle (with resonators) and keys.
Comprised of five instrumentalists, of which Goss on the accordion is one, the orchestra features the novel sounds of the nyckelharpa and the hurdygurdy among others.
The plucked strings of lute, harp, triple harp, nyckelharpa, and other instruments of the era, combined with the natural sustaining qualities of voice and organ, are complemented by the heartbeat of percussion.
The groupsings multi-harmonies a cappella, sometimes accompanied by a Swedish keyed fiddle, nyckelharpa, guitar, recorder and flute.
Ditte Anderson will be playing the Nyckelharpa alongside bass clarinetist, Dick Lee.