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Any of various large insectivorous bats of the genus Nyctalus, found in Eurasia and North Africa and typically dwelling in the hollows of trees or in buildings.

[French, from Italian nottola, bat, owl, from Late Latin noctula, from Latin, diminutive of noctua, night owl; see nekw-t- in Indo-European roots.]
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(Animals) any of several large Old World insectivorous bats of the genus Nyctalus, esp N. noctula: family Vespertilionidae
[C18: probably from Late Latin noctula small owl, from Latin noctua night owl]
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The diurnal flight of the Azorean bat (Nyctalus azoreurn) and the avifauna of the Azores.
Este analisis se ha usado en algunas especies de murcielagos (Taphozous georgianus: Jolly, 1988, Nyctalus noctula: Racey, 2009, Carollia perspicillata: Bonilla y Turriago, 1988; Laska, 1990, Diphylla ecaudata: Elizalde et al., 2008; especies frugivoras y nectarivoras, Vela-Vargas et al., 2016) y no se conoce para ninguna especie de Artibeus.
kuhlii, 4 P pigmaeus, and 5 Pipistrellus spp.); 15 Nyctalus noctula; 7 Eptesicus serotinus; 11 Myotis spp.
Seasonal changes in the sex ratio of Nyctalus species in north-east Hungary.
Last week's milestone was set by a Noctule Bat (Nyctalus noctula) that was seen near Betws Garmon, Gwynedd.
Earlier emergence during lactation has been reported for Greater Horseshoe (Rhinolophus ferrumecjuinum) and Northern Bats (Eptesicus nilssonii; Duverge and others 2000), Nyctalus Bats (Nyctalus noctula; Jones 1995), Hoary Bats (Lasiurus cinereus; Barclay 1989), Cave Bats (Myotis velifer-, Kunz 1974), and Little Free-tailed Bats (Tadarida pumila; McWilliam 1989).
Eighteen of the 20 roosts were also occupied by other bat species including Hipposideros pratti Hipposideros larvatus Hipposideros pomona Aselliscus stoliczkanus Rhinolophus rex Rhinolophus ferrumequintum Rhinolophus cornutus Rhinolophus thomasi Rhinolophus pusillus Rhinolophus affinis Myotis ricketti Myotis frater Myotis chinensis Myotis altarium Miniopterus schreibersii Nyctalus noctula Nyctalus velutinus Ia io Pipistrellus abramus and Taphozous melanopogon.
Maza vakarsiksparna--Nyctalus leisleri Kuhl un Eiropas platausa--Barbastella barbastella Schreber--atradumi Latvija [Records of Leisler's bat Nyctalus leisleri Kuhl and Barbastelle bat Barbastella barbastella Schreber in Latvia].
Washington, October 30 (ANI): A team of scientists has confirmed that the largest bat in Europe, Nyctalus lasiopterus, had a greater geographical presence in northeastern Spain more than 10,000 years ago than it does today, having declined due to the reduction in vegetation cover.