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 (ō-hâr′ə, ō-hăr′ə), Francis Russell Known as "Frank." 1926-1966.
American poet of the New York School. His collections include Meditations in an Emergency (1957) and Lunch Poems (1964).


, John Henry 1905-1970.
American writer who contributed short stories to the New Yorker and wrote novels such as BUtterfield 8 (1935) and Ten North Frederick (1955).
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(oʊˈhɛər ə, oʊˈhær ə)

John (Henry), 1905–70, U.S. author.
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Noun1.O'Hara - United States writer (1905-1970)
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The half-caste woman who looked after him (she smoked opium, and pretended to keep a second-hand furniture shop by the square where the cheap cabs wait) told the missionaries that she was Kim's mother's sister; but his mother had been nursemaid in a Colonel's family and had married Kimball O'Hara, a young colour- sergeant of the Mavericks, an Irish regiment.
'And some day,' she said, confusedly remembering O'Hara's prophecies, 'there will come for you a great Red Bull on a green field, and the Colonel riding on his tall horse, yes, and' dropping into English - 'nine hundred devils.'
When it turned 9.30am, Mr O'Hara said the bus driver told him he could now use his pass.
In Valerie O'Hara's office, amid dozens of drawings and paintings, scribbled notes and overflowing file folders is her first watercolor painting, a lovely still life of pastel tulips neatly arranged in a glass vase.
Killer Robert "Birdman" O'Hara's long-term partner Michelle Maxwell has moved into a PS1million Victorian townhouse in one of the most prestigious postcodes in Scotland.
Kieran O'Hara was found in the vehicle parked on a roadway near Thistledown Grove, in his home town, on February 10.
Forensic evidence led them to a blue Ford Escort owned by Richard O'Hara - a Belfastborn security guard.
IRISH Under-21 goalkeeper Kieran O'Hara has signed a new contract with Manchester United.
Alexis O'Hara sits across the table sipping tea and flips her long, wavy hair from one side to the other.
If you ever want to make America decline again, you can read John O'Hara. That is to say: the cities, towns, and rural areas of "flyover country" that gave Trump his margin of victory in November are in a funk that we might suppose is new; but really it isn't.
Thomas O'Hara and two others are accused of destroying a car linked to the shooting of terror chief John Boreland in Belfast last month.
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