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 (ō-hĭg′ĭnz), Bernardo 1778-1842.
Chilean revolutionary and politician who ruled Chile from the time it gained independence from Spain (1817) until he was deposed (1823).


(əʊˈhɪɡɪnz; Spanish oˈiɣins)
1. (Biography) Ambrosio (æmˈbrəʊzɪˌəʊ). ?1720–1801, Irish soldier, who became viceroy of Chile (1789–96) and of Peru (1796–1801)
2. (Biography) his son, Bernardo (bɛrˈnarðo). 1778–1842, Chilean revolutionary. He was one of the leaders in the struggle for independence from Spain and was Chile's first president (1817–23)


(oʊˈhɪg ɪnz; Sp. ɔˈi gins)

Bernardo (Liberator of Chile), 1778–1842, Chilean general and statesman.
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-- We rode on to Ballenar, which takes its name from Ballenagh in Ireland, the birthplace of the family of O'Higgins, who, under the Spanish government, were presidents and generals in Chile.
The instance, which was motivated by a recent accident in the O'Higgins region that left six people dead and 46 injured, will have a period of 120 days to carry out their work.
Former Pensions Regulator chair Michael O'Higgins is acting as the class representative.
Co Fermanagh 0-Co Antrim 5-1 Dundalk Co Tyrone 2-0 Bracknel Leeds Utd 0-0 Dundee Pumas Unam 1-1 Cherry Orchard Co Londonderry While Marshall's performance warranted praise, SeatonManchester United Arsenal 2-1 Global Rangers 6-0 Co Down 0-2 O'Higgins believes there is more to come from his young side.
The company's chief financial officer, Peter O'Higgins, has quit as the firm is facing questions on whether it can effectively manage its rapid growth.
John O'Higgins, prosecuting, said Williams was a self-employed builder who lived near the scene of the collision and that day was returning home after dropping his partner off at New Street Station at around 6am.
En esta linea, resulta interesante conocer la situacion en que se encontraba Bernardo O'Higgins en Peru, sus intereses y la actitud que conservo respecto al gobierno del general Jose Joaquin Prieto, al rol de Diego Portales, a la formacion de la Confederacion y frente a la guerra y ocupacion posterior.
Este es el caso de Ambrosio O'Higgins, nativo de Ballenary (c.1720), una remota aldea rural de Sligo, uno de los condados mas pobres de una isla, Irlanda, ya de por si a la periferia de la Europa de inicios del XVllI.
Popularmente es conocido como el gran procer, Director Supremo y Padre de la patria; el primer soldado y Presidente del pais, el libertador Bernardo O'Higgins. Sin embargo, poco se sabe acerca del lado mas profundo de este hombre, de la relacion con su padre Ambrosio o de su amistad con el pueblo mapuche; de su pasion por el piano y la pintura, su origen irlandes, su crianza en el campo, su formacion en Lima o su estadia en Africa, o incluso de como su origen poco noble fue uno de los precios mas caros que le correspondio pagar.
Bernardo O'Higgins' government through the eyes of five North American agents, 1817-1823
AWARD winning tenor saxophonist Dave O'Higgins, plays at the Victoria Hotel, Menai Bridge on February 17.
THE new series of gigs launched by jazz scene mover-and-shaker Ben Crosland drew a good-sized audience to The Keys for a night of hard swinging music featuring front-liners Steve Waterman on trumpet and flugel and Dave O'Higgins on tenor sax.