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O level

n. Chiefly British
The earlier of two standardized tests in a secondary school subject.

[O(rdinary) level.]

O′-lev′el adj.


[ˈəʊˌlevl] N (Brit) (Scol) (formerly) =Ordinary levelBUP m
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The MTS-200 Series Field Test Sets, these PXI-based platforms offer I-level and O-level test capabilities in a portable, ultra-ruggedized configuration for a wide range of weapon and avionics test applications including F-35 armament testing, missile system testing, universal armament testing, and more.
Aparna Verma, founder of Dubai Scholars, said she is confident her students are prepared to handle the O-level and A- level examinations, believing that the students have been prepared well by their teachers who have trained and guided them for the last two years.
He hopes, with our help, to add a new dimension to his 32-year-old O-level photography project.
Rai Haris Manzoor, who studied in a private school till 2012 and after that at home by his parents, passed the O-Level exam in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics, Dawn.
According to Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), Khawaja Muhammad Islam was elected as Member Provincial Assembly from PP-72 during general elections 2013 held on May 11 last but the ECP declared him ineligible to hold public representative's office as his O-level degree was not verified by the Higher Education Commission (HEC).
Mr Hall also says that employers would hire people with the more respected O-level qualifications.
Under plans leaked last week, GCSEs would be scrapped with pupils sitting "explicitly harder" O-level style exams in academic subjects from 2014, with exams for the first time in 2016.
He's got an O-Level in woodwork and a better quad bike.
I have an O-level in Spanish - no, really - but will be calling my race in English.
The three children were O-Level students of Washington Grammar School in Karachi, Hassan added.
Perhaps that explains why Blogof, whose schoolrooms hummed with a heady brew of stale fags, near-toxic levels of Lynx deodorant and scampi & lemon flavour Nik Naks, only just scraped its much-prized Sociology O-level.
If Pompey still want a 'technical director', I know my dad is at a loose end and has an O-level in technical drawing.