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1. Officer Commanding
2. Old Catholic
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abbreviation for
1. (Military) Officer Commanding
2. Officer of the Order of Canada
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var. of ob- (by assimilation) before c: occident.




or oc.,



in the work cited.
[< Latin opere citātō]
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N ABBR =Officer Commandingjefe m
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n abbr of Officer Commanding (Mil) → Oberbefehlshaber(in) m(f); who’s OC paper supply in the office? (inf)wer ist hier im Büro der Papierhengst? (inf)
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With an integration bandwidth of 12 kHz to 20 MHz based on SONET OC-48 specifications, the RMS jitter is 0.46 ps ([+ or -] 0.01 ps) for an isolated channel and 0.50 ps ([+ or -] 0.01 ps) with all channels active, as shown in Table 2.
To support this application, the medical center upgraded its network from an OC-48 SONET ring to a multi-gigabit Ethernet network using redundant dual paths including Optimum Lightpath's and another carrier's dense wave division multiplexing (DWDM) core optical backbones.
DC-Net consists of several OC-48 SONET rings, which promise no single point of failure.
A second part of the deal sees the companies cooperating on increasing the maximum bandwidth supported by CTAM's appliances from OC-48 to OC-192.
We checked the results of our model against several recently issued contracts for OC-48 service to validate that the model accurately represents typical rates for SONET service.
Similarly, the HMC444LP4 and HMC443LP4 devices will convert OC-24 and OC-48 clock frequencies to OC-192 while using only 68 mA and 52 mA of current, respectively.
Flip chip solutions have been introduced in PMC-Sierra's 10 Gigabit Ethernet XENON[TM] family of devices and the company's OC-48 and OC-192 transport optimized CHESS-III chip set.
At higher data rates, links that were designed for OC-48 transmission may be limited by dispersion and unable to support higher rate traffic without compromising signal integrity.
Transmission of OC-48 (2.5 Gb/sec) has been shown with similar systems over 925 km with DM lasers and without dispersion compensation.
Much of the Pine Ridge Reservation is served by an OC-12 Sonet ring that is part of a larger statewide OC-48 ring, which provides the reservation with enormous amounts of bandwidth, in addition to multiple levels of redundancy, Strandell said.
To support its new product, AT&T Intelligent Content Distribution Service, AT&T is the first commercial provider to offer Internet Connectivity at speeds of OC-48 (2.5Gbps), as well as the first provider to have fully operational, coast-to-coast OC-192 IP backbone.
The MultiFlow 5000's unique ability to transport native Ethernet traffic at OC-48 wire speed rates and support wide area ATM and T1 connectivity in the same product makes it one of the most comprehensive Gigabit network solutions available.