a.1.See Economical.
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They then reduced the prices given for his tobacco so that let his shipments be ever so great, and his demand of necessaries ever so oeconomical, they never permitted him to clear off his debt.
(26) Edward Dudley, Observations and Advices Oeconomical (London, 1669).
Also, he looked back on those troubling days in his Letter to a Noble Lord: My oeconomical reforms were not ...
Part 1, "Theorizing Shakespeare in the Eighteenth Century and Beyond" includes Michael Bristol, "'A System of Oeconomical Prudence': Shakespearean Character and the Practice of Moral Inquiry" (13-28); Jean Marsden, "Shakespeare and Sympathy" (29-42); Nicholas Hudson, "The 'Vexed Question': Shakespeare and the Nature of Middle-Class Appropriation" (43-56).
Since my illness the bills have been shamefully augmented: and upon my entreating to have a more oeconomical system established, I have been insulted with language that will not bear the repetition.
A Tour from London to the Lakes Containing Natural, Oeconomical, and Literary Observations, Made in the Summer of 1791.
In the remainder of the chapter, Blackstone outlined the domains subject to regulation under this heading: prohibitions on clandestine marriages and bigamy; the banning of "gypsies" from England, (119) and "Common nuisances" defined as "a species of offences against the public order and oeconomical regime of the state; being either the doing of a thing to the annoyance of all the king's subjects, or the neglecting to do a thing which the common good requires." (120) Blackstone distinguished public nuisances from the type of private nuisance dispute with which Coke was concerned in Aldred's case.
The agriculturalist Robert Dossie, one of the founder members, argued (in his Memoirs of Agriculture and Other Oeconomical Arts 1768, 1771) that Britain needed to add design initiative to her superiority in machines and manual dexterity before she could hope to rival France.
(26.) "Even commerce, and trade, and manufacture, the gods of our oeconomical politicians, are themselves perhaps hut creatures; are themselves effects, which, as first causes, we choose to worship.
What must be the spirit of legislation where a manufacturer of linen cloth is forbidden to bury his own child in a linen shroud, in order to favor his neighbour who manufactures woolen cloth; where the manufacturer and wearer of woolen cloth are again forbidden the oeconomical use of buttons of that material, in favor of the manufacturer of buttons of other materials!
'Sir, of the objects which the Society of Arts have chiefly in view, the chymical effects of bodies operating upon other bodies, he [Dr Robert Dossie] knows more than almost any man' [Dossie's three-volume Memoirs of Agriculture and Other Oeconomical Arts was published in 1762 82] (Life, IV.
(46) Jarrett, Begetters of Revolution, 154-61; Speech of Edmund Burke, Esq., Member of Parliament for the City of Bristol, on Presenting to the House of Commons (on the 11th of February, 1780) a Plan for the Better Security of the Independence of Parliament, and the Oeconomical Reformation of the Civil and Other Establishments (London, 1780), 5-8; Josiah Tucker, Cui Bono?