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n.1.See Economy.
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We shall therefore very minutely lay open those previous matters by which it was produced; and for that purpose we shall be obliged to reveal all the secrets of a little family with which my reader is at present entirely unacquainted; and of which the oeconomy was so rare and extraordinary, that I fear it will shock the utmost credulity of many married persons.
Covering materials and material objects, chemical governance and the governance of chemistry, and revisiting the history of production, they discuss such topics as household oeconomy and chemical inquiry, relations between the state and the chemical industry in France 1760-1800: the case of ceruse, renegotiating debt: chemical governance and money in the early 19th-century Dutch Empire, the subversive Humphry Davy: aristocracy and establishing chemical research laboratories in England during the late-18th and early 19th centuries, and relations between industry and academe in Scotland: the case of dyeing 1760-1840.
Natasha Korda reminds us that female subjectivity within the household occurs as a result of her ability to self-discipline: "Female subjectivity itself becomes a form of internalized oeconomy." (9) The internalized oeconomy that Korda mentions is akin to a mental checklist of tasks that the housewife is charged with; it is the self-prompted deployment and completion of this checklist that gives the housewife the power to manage the family home without external intervention.
Notion of the Nature and Cause of Electricity, than he has of the Elements of Modern Philosophy." (50) Yet despite Freke's lack of scientific credibility, his Essay found generous support in The Gentleman's Magazine, which praised it for being "founded upon the most incontestable truths of natural philosophy, the laws of motion, the animal oeconomy, and the experience of all ages." (51) An ensuing pamphlet war with Martin helped secure Freke's centrality in popular discourses regarding the mechanical and medical applications of electricity.
By virtue of their wit, the former--"ingenious libertines" of the ilk of Dryden, Congreve and, particularly, Rochester (Lund 2012, 62)--are tarred as "sensualist" and "atheistical" and criticized for their "want of Industry, good Sense, and regular Oeconomy" (Blackmore [1716] 1946): all sound protestant and middle-class values.
Rousseau in "A Discourse on Political Economy" in 1755 defines political economy as "the government of the State for the common good." Rousseau says, "The word Economy, or OEconomy, is derived from oikos, a house, and nomos, law, and meant originally only the wise and legitimate government of the house for the common good of the whole family.
(24.) Pitt's father had been accused of war mongering in the print The Great Financier, or British Oeconomy for the Years 1763, 1764, 1765 (1765).
"When a soldier can be brought to take delight in his dress, it will be easy to mould him to whatever else may be desired, as it is general proof that he has thrown off the sullen, stubborn disposition which characterizes the peasants of most countries; therefore every method should be pursued to accomplish what may so justly be looked on as the foundation of order and oeconomy * in a corps."
oeconomy," he stated, Congress might appoint state courts as