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a.1.(Med.) Pertaining to, or of the nature of, edema; affected with edema.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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An abdominal CT scan with IV contrast was performed demonstrating an oedematous pancreas and reduced enhancement, consistent with acute pancreatitis with associated inflammatory changes in the surrounding soft tissues but no evidence of intra abdominal abscess, collection or pseudocyst.
Fixed drug eruption usually presents as a solitary or numerous itchy, round, well-circumscribed, erythematous macules that evolve into oedematous plaques on the skin or mucosae.
The pathognomonic signs are a rash, often morbilliform, spreading from an oedematous face to the torso and extremities, hypereosinophilia and organ involvement.1-3
Cutaneous manifestations consist of tense, oedematous, pale skin that progresses to tense bullae filled with serosanguinous fluid, followed by violaceous dermal necrosis.
A laparotomy was performed at which an acutely oedematous and enlarged liver was the major finding with normal-looking gall bladder, bowel and spleen.
Among 254 patients who underwent surgery, 46%) of patients had oedematous mucosa, 33.4%) of patients had polyp, 1.6% patients had fungal debris alone, 4.3% of patients had oedematous mucosa and pus, 2.8% of patients had oedematous mucosa and polyp, 5.1% of patients had oedematous mucosa and fungal debris, 3.1% of patients had oedematous mucosa, fungal debris and pus, 0.3% of patients had polyp and fungal debris, 2.8% of patients had oedematous mucosa, polyp and fungal debris, polyp and pus was present in 0.3%) of patients and 0.3% of patients had oedematous mucosa, polyp, fungal debris and pus.
The muscle layer of obliquus externus, obliquus internus and transverse abdominis were oedematous with some fibrotic changes (Fig.
Methods: The descriptive study was conducted at Mayo Hospital, Lahore, Pakistan, from September 2011 to February2015, and comprised patients who underwent laparotomy and peritoneal cavities and who could not be closed primarily because of various reasons like traumatic loss and oedematous gut.
Her face was oedematous, blood pressure 110/80 mmHg, and pulse 80/min, with a clear chest and raised jugular venous pressure.
Secondly, as the viewer moves over the foveal region of an OCT scan, the outer-segments of photoreceptors appear to become oedematous. This will cause obvious concern to those new to OCT interpretation--however, this is a normal feature of the fovea, representing the elongation of cone photoreceptors, which enables closer packing and hence provides high visual acuity.
The intra-operative findings in the acute group were acute oedematous cholecystitis in 137 patients (43.5%), hydrops in 66 (21.0%), and empyema in 112 (35.5%).
The central suture crossing the fistula opening was inserted last so that the tension, having been taken up by more distantly placed sutures, was less likely to cut through the oedematous bowel wall.