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a.1.(Med.) Pertaining to, or of the nature of, edema; affected with edema.
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Our attempt was unsuccessful owing to the oedematous constriction ring formed by the cervix.
Oedematous gall bladder wall-liver interface is equally a potential area of dissection through which gall bladder perforation and stone spillage is not uncommon during removal of gall bladder from liver bed in acute oedematous cholecystitis.
Level 1-adherent omentum, level 2-oedematous gall bladder wall, level 3-necrotic gall bladder wall, level 4-adherent gut and level 5 - adherent Hartmann's pouch and oedematous Calot's triangle having no defined planes.
Distinguishing true isolated serosal injuries from injuries involving the deeper layers as well can be difficult, especially in inflamed and oedematous bowel.
Left fallopian tube was swollen and oedematous at its fimbrial end but without active bleeding.
He had huge anterior abdominal swelling that on examination was oedematous, non-emphysematous, tender and hot to touch.
Accumulation of fibrinous oedematous fluid was observed in the alveolar and septal spaces along with thickened alveolar septa in lungs (Fig.
Judicious fluid administration is recommended, especially in the oedematous pre-eclamptic patient with oliguria and laboratory signs of renal dysfunction.
In two adult camels, chronic conjunctivitis, clinically characterized by thickened and oedematous conjunctiva was recorded.
Posterior rhinoscopy evidenced few small mucosal erosions (diameter < 2 mm) surrounded by mildly thickened and oedematous mucosae in the rhinopharynx; a small quantity of mucuslike material was also present.
Although the child remained mildly oedematous, her albumin and diuretic infusions decreased to not more than once weekly.
Local examination showed a dusky, oedematous, scaly, oblong plaque over the medial aspect of right thigh (Figure 2).