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The OHG unit bought the 60 per cent shares in Watco last month, thus entering a new business line that serves its growth strategy of expanding its network of regional branches and buying into promising companies that offer cutting-edge business solutions both in Jordan and abroad.
The meeting was chaired by OHG Chairman Elias Baddour, in the presence of the Board of Directors and shareholders, OHG CEO Basim Said, OHG CFO Dr.
The static load test consists of applying a uniformly distributed load on the top of the OHG for at least one minute.
OHG successfully transferred the assets by working with the assistance of the Tenant Services Authority and Communities and Local Government to complete the deal.
Another bone of contention is the rather unreflected inclusion of Low German texts in the OHG and MHG selections: while the reviewer agrees that a case can indeed be made for their inclusion, he would have hoped for a little discussion to that effect.
Heitz OHG in Germany (represented here by TKM Technology) showed new Siemens touchscreen controls that automate the entire process from pre-expansion through packing finished products.
OHG, Joint Venture (SKE/SGM), as its contractor for preventive maintenance and repairs of facilities and equipment used by the Defense Commissary Agency in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands.
Umbreit GmbH & Co., Wehling OHG, and Koenemann GmbH & Co.
OHG, Dobeln, Germany (ISO 9001); Drycolor AB, Malmo, Sweden (ISO 9001); and Clariant AS (Turkey) [Plastikolor], Sefakoy-Istanbul, Turkey (ISO 9001).