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or O•lav

(ˈoʊ lɑf, ˈoʊ ləf)

1. Olaf (or Olav) I (Olaf Tryggvason), A.D. 969–1000, king of Norway 995–1000.
2. Olaf (or Olav) II, Saint (Olaf Haraldsson), A.D. 995–1030, king of Norway 1016–29: patron saint of Norway.
3. Olaf V, Olav V.
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At the same time, however, Bulgaria has a 100% conviction rate in judicial cases forwarded to member states by OLAF.
The information was reported Tuesday by the Bulgarian National Radio, BNR, citing data they have received from OLAF.
Besides, not all OLAF inquiries are referred to the Belgian police.
OLAF highly assessed its already existing collaboration with Bulgaria, according to the Ministry's press office.
Hailing the improving reputation of a an institution that has struggled with scandal in the past, an OLAF note claimed: "Within as well as outside the EU institutions OLAF is trusted for dealing efficiently with new information on potential irregularities, fraud or corruption" Last year, the number of allegations requiring assessment increased to a new high of 826, compared with 529 in 2002.
In his words, the efforts resulted in significant increase of the capacity and motivation of the national unit Anti-fraud Co-ordination Structure (AFCOS-Bulgaria), which is led by Tsvetanov and operates as a partner of OLAF.
OLAF spokesperson, Pavel Borkovec, has told BNR that the office was informed by Bulgarian authorities about Ilieva's appointment, but did not interfere in any way.
He noted that for 2009 OLAF report about irregularities that have already been under investigation by the Prosecution's Office.
Bruner said that part of what has been seen as aloofness by OLAF in the past was actually at the request of its "key custodians in the European Parliament and in the OLAF supervisory committee", which had "asked OLAF to communicate less".
The Bulgarian dossiers were initially handled by Ruggero Perugini, a very efficient and impeccable OLAF investigator who in his records has, among others, been a substantial help to FBI in dismembering an important branch of Mafia in the United States.
In the wider world, across the EU, Brussels-based OLAF can carry out raids and spot-checks on companies, charities and individuals under EU regulation 2185/96/EC, "to have access to information concerning possible irregularities".
A check made by OLAF investigators a week ago revealed that certain submitted project documents did not include the required signatures, in breach of requirements.