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or O•lav

(ˈoʊ lɑf, ˈoʊ ləf)

1. Olaf (or Olav) I (Olaf Tryggvason), A.D. 969–1000, king of Norway 995–1000.
2. Olaf (or Olav) II, Saint (Olaf Haraldsson), A.D. 995–1030, king of Norway 1016–29: patron saint of Norway.
3. Olaf V, Olav V.
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Minister Tsvetanov expressed his gratitude for the opportunity AFCOS officials to take part in the OLAF training programs.
Criticism of OLAF is mainly due to the mysterious resignation of the Maltese former commissioner on 16 October last year.
OLAF spokesperson, Pavel Borkovec, has told BNR that the office was informed by Bulgarian authorities about Ilieva's appointment, but did not interfere in any way.
Moreover, OLAF has asked Swedish Match not to change its version of events.
A check made by OLAF investigators a week ago revealed that certain submitted project documents did not include the required signatures, in breach of requirements.
Besides, not all OLAF inquiries are referred to the Belgian police.
I heard that there never had been a second meeting when OLAF told me.
Speaking after the regular Wednesday cabinet meeting, Tsvetanov said that major findings had been revealed by OLAF concerning conflict of interest on the part of some staff working either in state administrative units or in some political headquarters, that had direct involvement with NGOs participating in the development of projects.
Hailing the improving reputation of a an institution that has struggled with scandal in the past, an OLAF note claimed: "Within as well as outside the EU institutions OLAF is trusted for dealing efficiently with new information on potential irregularities, fraud or corruption" Last year, the number of allegations requiring assessment increased to a new high of 826, compared with 529 in 2002.
Borisov spoke to the media Wednesday after meeting at the Council of Ministers with Thierry Cretin, Director of Directorate A (Operations and Investigations I) in OLAF, the anti-fraud office of the European Commission.
FI: Despite your recent 20% increase in investigations, OLAF is little known outside EU circles: shouldn't your profile be larger, sharper?
THE EUROPEAN Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF)--its acronym comes from its French name I'Office Europeen de Lutte Anti-Fraude--was set up in 1999 to OLAF to protect the financial interests of the European Union's (EU) various institutions: fighting fraud, corruption and any other irregular activity, including misconduct.