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Noun1.OTC stock - stock that is not listed and traded on an organized exchangeOTC stock - stock that is not listed and traded on an organized exchange
penny stock - a stock selling for less that $1/share
OTC security, over the counter security, unlisted security - a security traded in the over-the-counter market
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ASIX was founded in May 1995 in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan, and has been listed on Taiwan OTC Stock Exchange (TAIEX code 3169) since November 2009.
Harvest's OTC stock closed Wednesday at $5.23 per share.
However, the severe trading woes continued for Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS), which saw shares in its "SBSAA" OTC stock nosedive another 7.4%, to $1.25, on Monday.
The transfer agent, OTC Stock Transfer, will act as exchange agent for the reverse split.
If you need to sell an OTC stock, there may be only one person willing to buy, and you have to be willing to take whatever price they offer.
Penny Otc Stock masp Mass Petroleum a gas and oil production company is looking to acquire oil and gas projects in Western Canada, a major producer of oil for many decades.
Yantai Raffles Shipyard is listed on the Oslo OTC Stock Exchange in Norway.
Web users will be able to get current major market plus NASDAQ and OTC stock prices, fund information and real time market information, and can create a customized portfolio to monitor performance of their own stocks, all at no cost.
USBDA Chairman, stockbroker Nelson Umah Tete, says his company started OTC stock trading in response to the growing demand from the public for the service.
A positive (negative) coefficient would indicate that pre-holiday returns are higher (lower) than the returns on regular trading days, and a significant t-value would provide evidence of a pre-holiday effect in OTC stock returns.(4) From Panel A of Table 1, the significant coefficients of the pre-holiday dummy variables (at the 1 percent level) provide evidence of a pre-holiday effect since mean daily OTC returns on pre-holiday trading days significantly exceed returns on regular trading days for both the VWID and EWID return indices.
Technology company Santeon Group Inc (OTC: SANT) announced on Thursday the receipt of notice from FINRA that the 1:400 reverse split of its common stock will become effective on the OTC stock market when trading commences today.
The Company is removing itself from HSCO in order to go completely private again so as to pursue growth and investment in the alternative and green energy markets through other funding sources not related to pink sheet or OTC stock related companies.