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n.1.See Woad.
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Renel Cabag, OAD, vice president for academic affairs of Tabor Hill College, said they never expected to win against veteran and established choral groups.
Abstract: The IAU founded the Office of Astronomy for Development (OAD) in March 2011.
* Patients with type 2 diabetes who are currently taking 2 or more oral antidiabetic drugs (OADs) and have glycosylated hemoglobin (A1C) values between 7% and 10% are the best candidates for good control with basal insulin and OADs.
When the researchers adjusted the analysis for age, gender, ethnicity, body mass index, and duration of diabetes, they found that the likelihood of insulin use only and diet only as diabetes treatment declined from NHANES III to NHANES 1999-2002, while the likelihood of OAD use only and OAD plus insulin use increased.
Or it may be discharged in anger, irritation, a fight--attempts to turn this unsettling tension down some familiar r oad. Indeed if these powerful energies don't find appropriate expression, they can become destructive and self-destructive.
A previously reported technique that uses the optical admittance diagram (OAD) design and analysis tool[2] employed with microwave circuits and components, such as stripline and microstrip, models quarter-wave segment microwave stripline elements and reconfigures them as quarter-wave optically thin-film layers.
As part of its CSR convoy Sohar Al Atta, Bank Sohar extended its support to Oman Association for the Disabled (OAD) Sohar Branch enabling them to empower the local communities through initiatives focused on learning, development, and training.
One of the injured persons Gulab Oad was referred to Sukkur Hospital in serious condition, while others were discharged after giving them medical first aid.
On the occasion, Divisional President Falak Sher Oad , Imran keerio and others were present.
Several communities like Jogi, Bagri, Oad etc exist in a large number in Pakistan and want to be represented but their issues are even not filed in police stations due to poor economic and political background.
Muscat, Dec 14 (ONA) The Oman Association for Disabled (OAD)