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or O'a·hu  (ō-ä′ho͞o)
An island of central Hawaii between Molokai and Kauai. It is the chief island of the state, with major tourist areas, including Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head, and a US naval base at Pearl Harbor.


(Placename) an island in central Hawaii: the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands. Chief town: Honolulu. Pop: 876 151 (2000). Area: 1574 sq km (608 sq miles)


(oʊˈɑ hu)
an island in central Hawaii: third largest island of the state. Chief city: Honolulu. 630,528; 589 sq. mi. (1525 sq. km).
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Noun1.Oahu - an island of central Hawaii (between Molokai and Kauai)Oahu - an island of central Hawaii (between Molokai and Kauai); the chief island of the state
capital of Hawaii, Hawaiian capital, Honolulu - the capital and largest city of Hawaii; located on a large bay on the island of Oahu
Waikiki - a well-known beach and resort area on Oahu Island to the southeast of Honolulu
Hawaiian Islands, Sandwich Islands - a group of volcanic and coral islands in the central Pacific
Pearl Harbor - a harbor on Oahu to the west of Honolulu; location of a United States naval base that was attacked by the Japanese on 7 Dec 1941
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He loves a good meal, as do I, so we ventured out to some of local spots on Oahu, Hawaii, where we were shooting," Jonas told Metro newspaper.
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Royston Leonard hopes his work on shots of Japan's air strike on US fleets on Oahu, Hawaii, on December 7, 1941, will boost their message.
9m sq ft located in about 30 US states in the mainland (Mainland Properties) and over 10 properties on the island of Oahu, Hawaii (Hawaii Properties), with an estimated 17.
Woolford died on Monday afternoon at Pali Momi Medical Center in Oahu, Hawaii, three days after suffering from a severe stroke, (http://people.
SAN FRANCISCO -- A week after Isagani Fajotina in Oahu, Hawaii allegedly killed his wife, Melita, after more than 35 years together, a study showed that Filipinos figured in 30 percent of fatal domestic violence cases in Hawaii within the last ten years.
OLD man has been injured in an apparent shark attack in the waters off Oahu, Hawaii, reports say.
International Resource News-May 27, 2015--American DG Energy Inc signs agreement with hotel in Oahu, Hawaii
Conducting a school-based survey of 1,941 high school students living in Oahu, Hawaii, who were on average 14.
Hoppel was present in 100 percent of a captive fly line started in 2006 in Mumbai, India, for example, and 55 percent of flies descended from those gathered in Oahu, Hawaii, in 1955.
She is an Energy Consultant for Friends Solar which is a solar energy company in Maui, Oahu, Hawaii.
This renowned stand up and traditional paddling event features more than 200 of the world's top athletes crossing the Ka'iwi Channel that connects the islands of Molokai and Oahu, Hawaii.