Oak Ridge

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Oak Ridge

A city of eastern Tennessee west of Knoxville. Established during World War II as a national research facility, it played a major role in the development of the atomic bomb.
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Oak′ Ridge′

a city in E Tennessee, near Knoxville: atomic research center. 27,662.
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After one year, he returned to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and spent all but three of the remaining years of his career there.
The preferred technology for virus concentration from large volumes was developed by the Joint NIH-AEC Zonal Centrifuge Development Project at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA, and the Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion Plant in the 1960s (4).
Deltic Timber began developing Red Oak Ridge three years ago as a planned residential community.
One of the world's heaviest-duty balers has been on the job for several months at the Oak Ridge site, but the machine is now being referred to as a compactor, as most of the 72,000 tons of demolition material emanating from Oak Ridge has been landfilled after concerns from environmentalists and metals companies resulted in a ban on recycling the materials.
These subcontracts provide for a continuing Duratek presence at Oak Ridge through this decade.
A forward-thinking "re-industrialization" program has found new uses and economic opportunity for unused government-owned facilities like the Oak Ridge park.
"Personally, I'm not an advocate against it because I work in the industry, and it doesn't scare me," he tells me at his plant in Oak Ridge. "But raising it just so you know it's out there in the public seems a little backwards.
Oak Ridge and Los Alamos had the allure and excitement associated with the bomb itself; Oak Ridge produced the fissionable uranium used in the first bomb dropped on Hiroshima, while Los Alamos was where scientists actually made the atomic weapon and tried it out.
According to the Oak Ridge scientists, these temperature shifts lower the efficiency of the gasification process.
and the Atomic Trades and Labor Council covers about 2,500 production, maintenance, and service workers at the Oak Ridge nuclear weapons plant and an additional 900 such hourly workers at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
Coors Ceramics, a subsidiary of Adolph Coors Co., announced plans for a $1 million to $2 million high-tech plant in Oak Ridge, TN.

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