Oak gall

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It ought to have been enough for you, ye scoundrels, to have changed the pearls of my lady's eyes into oak galls, and her hair of purest gold into the bristles of a red ox's tail, and in short, all her features from fair to foul, without meddling with her smell; for by that we might somehow have found out what was hidden underneath that ugly rind; though, to tell the truth, I never perceived her ugliness, but only her beauty, which was raised to the highest pitch of perfection by a mole she had on her right lip, like a moustache, with seven or eight red hairs like threads of gold, and more than a palm long."
The population biology of oak gall wasps (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae).
On the other hand, little consideration has been given to the native parasitoids, associated with oak gall wasps, as a potential natural resource to be exploited, even if only to supplement the role of T.
An oak gall forms when a wasp lays eggs in a leaf bud and the wasp larva develop inside the gall.
The product is a mix of ellagitannin derived from stave wood and gallotannin from oak gall and is intended to provide a rich sweetness to the flavor and aroma of white or red wines.
Those attending will experiment with pigments, linen paper, silverpoint and oak gall ink to produce their very own herbal painting and recreate medieval medicines based on original recipes.
The oak gall wasp Belonocnema treatae may benefit from defoliating herbivores through a phenological shift in resource availability and hence the timing of gall development that make them less prone to attack by parasitoids.
Typically, iron gall inks - at least those from the Middle Ages - were made from a concoction of iron sulfate and tannin acids, such as those extracted from oak gall nuts.
A fully web-illustrated morphological phylogenetic study of relationships among oak gall wasps and their closest relatives (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae).
pens he cut from marsh reeds, oak gall ink like dried blood or rusted
Similar trends in temperature conditions in 2004 probably promoted the oak gall infestation with itch mites in Crawford County.
The ink was probably made of oak gall - a highly tannic tumor on the tree caused by stimulation by insects.