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Noun1.Ob River - a major river of western Siberia; flows generally northward and westward to the Gulf of Ob and the Kara Sea
Siberia - a vast Asian region of Russia; famous for long cold winters
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This population bred just south of the Ob River in Russia.
The most interesting section covers his five years in the Gulag camps of Vorkuta (between Archangel and the vast Ob River delta) and "Bamlag" in eastern Siberia, which focus on Neufeld's experiences, but offer little on the Mennonite communities of Siberia and central Asia, where the majority of Mennonites were living.
The liquefied natural gas project is on an Ob River estuary, which is iced over for nine months of the year, according to the website of Total SA, one of the venture's partners.
The LNG tanker Ob River completed a trip through the Arctic Ocean from Norway to Japan, becoming the first ship to try a safer trade route to deliver gas supplies than the more risky routes in the southern seas.
The young cranes that Putin helped direct had been born in captivity and raised by a conservation project located on the banks of the Siberian Ob River. A program called "Flight of Hope" then used the lightweight gliders to prepare them for their migration southward.
If the 100,000-tonne Ob River LNG vessel docks in Japan with its cargo of gas from Norway, it will have made the world that little bit smaller and usher in a new era of nautical navigation by opening up to commercial traffic a part of the planet that used to be impassable.
The carrier named Ob River, which had left Norway in November, has sailed north of Russia and is on its way to Japan.
Gazprom is sending the LNG tanker Ob River from the world's northernmost liquefaction plant in the Barents Sea to Japan, a voyage to test the feasibility of cutting transit times to Asia, which would boost Russian plans to build an LNG plant in the Arctic.
Translators and editors Alexander Vasehenko, Chair of Comparative Studies in Literature and Culture at Moscow State University, and Claude Clayton Smith, Professor Emeritus of English at Ohio Northern University, his Phi Kappa Phi chapter, selected writers from seven ethnic groups and from regions extending from the Ob River to the Chukotka Peninsula.
they retreat to the north to avoid the region's fierce mosquitoes, gradually returning south for the winter to cross the frozen delta of the mighty Ob River, Russia's fourth-longest Once the crossing has been made, the reindeer give birth in the forests around Nadym, a town 300 kilometres east of Salekhard.