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 (făt′ə-mĭd′) also Fat·i·mite (-mīt′)
A Muslim dynasty that ruled North Africa and parts of Egypt (909-1171).


1. (Historical Terms) a member of the Muslim dynasty, descended from Fatima, daughter of Mohammed, and Ali, her husband, that ruled over North Africa and parts of Egypt and Syria (909–1171)
2. (Historical Terms) Also called: Fatimite a descendant of Fatima and Ali


(ˈfæt ə mɪd)

also Fat•i•mite


1. any caliph of the North African dynasty, 909–1171, claiming descent from Fatima and Ali.
2. any descendant of Fatima and Ali.
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Dubai: Chief organiser Qusai Obaidallah believes that the participation of some of the best Purebred Arabian champions from around the world has put the Dubai International Arabian Horse Championship (DIAHC) firmly on the global map.
Dr Obaidallah Mohamed Obaidallah, the state minister for foreign affairs, had told the preparatory meeting of the Arab foreign ministers in the Mauritanian capital of Nouakchott, that Sudan's backing and support for the Palestinian cause is unlimited.
Meanwhile, Sudanese Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Obaidallah Mohammad said that his country would cooperate with the Arab League, which would in turn, bolster bilateral ties.
Malja Call Out II will exhibit paintings, prints, installations and writing by Najla Qamber, Marija Gluscevic, Flora Partner, Taiba Faraj, Alexandra Novik Khamis, Elias Madan, Shikha Varma, Maha Alami, Hayat Abdulsaheb, Mohamed Sammy, Nidhin MC, Butch Paje, Merlin Charls, Afrah AlJadhar, Hajer Ghareeb, Rukaya AlZayani, Tejbir Singh, Mebin Varghese, Ali Haji, Fatima Al Saad, Maryam Abdulla, Meshal Al Obaidallah, Nomana Rajan, Wafa Al Alawi and Ramah Alhusseini, with more artists to be announced.
Members of the Board are: Ziad Abdulla Galadari, Abdullah Mohammed Rafee, Khalifa Saeed Al Zaffin, Saud Ibrahim Obaidallah and Abdulrahman Mohammed Rashid Al Sharid.
13 (BNA): Coast Guard Commander Commodore Alaa Abdulla Siyadi has today received a delegation from the Saudi Border Guard, led by Commodore Obaidallah bin Saad Al-Ghamdi.
Arabists also stormed a supermarket belonging to Obaidallah family and confiscated computer and electronic devices.
Establishment of a clinical pharmacy department RAKCOPS has established a clinical pharmacy department in the year 2009 at Ibrahim Bin Hamad Obaidallah Hospital of Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, which is a tertiary care hospital with the objective of supporting the academic programs and providing practice school training and clinical pharmacy services.
Salem Obaidallah, Emirates Airlines' senior vice president for Europe, reported that his company's flights to Europe have resumed normal operations, after the week long disruption that cost the airline roughly AED 240 million, and affected around 100,000 customers.
According to the complaint, of which Al Arabiya obtained a copy, in a campaign interview with Iran's Channel Three on June 10 Ahmadinejad accused two of the prophet's sahaba, companions, Talha ibn Obaidallah and al-Zobeir ibn al-Awam, of apostasy and betrayal.
Two sisters, relatives of the dead, were also involved in the suicide attempt but they survived and are being treated at Obaidallah Hospital in Ras Al Khaimah.
On his part the State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Obaidallah Mohamed Obaidallah said Sudan welcomed the visit of the Secretary General of the Arab League and backs him to carry out his duty under the current challenging circumstances the league is facing.