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1. object.
2. objection.
3. objective.
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Thanks for helping make 2012 the best year ever for OBJ Enterprises
Save any frame from the ChronoSculpt timeline as an OBJ file for Maya Blend Shapes or as an Endomorph for LightWave to create facial morph targets and deformation effects
Align and merge your textured scans to create watertight all-round triangle meshes with just a few mouse clicks, and export them to common CAD file formats[ST, OBJ, PLY] that can be imported by most 3D tools.
Obscene Interactive, a subsidiary of OBJ Enterprises, Inc.
Cluster one consists of locations obj 09, obj 06, obj 10, obj 12 and obj 13 (same as factor one in table 2).
Next we multiply our Object matrix OBJ by the Quarter Turn matrix Q1 to form an image matrix E1 using the command E1[left arrow]Q1+.
33) Relational hierarchy Subj > Obj > Objo > .
Mr Wise said hundreds of leaflets would be delivered to Shirley residents inviting them to the meeting and calling on them to obj ect to the scheme by writing to Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott.
Last week Birmingham Civic Society claimed it was told by officials manning the council's planning hotline that the deadline for submitting obj ections was January 10.
Estimated enemy disposition and composition on the objective, OBJ HOUND, was 20 enemy (OBJ was a suspected terrorist training camp that involved an estimated 8-10 cadre and 10-12 students) and 8-10 noncombatants.
Alex MacDougall, spokesman for Merseyside fire service, said: ``We have six fire engines with CCTV on them, but the FBU raised big obj ections to turning them on.
length; try { for(int i=0; i<len; i++) { MyObject obj = new MyObject(); // do something with obj } } catch(Exception e) { e.