object-oriented programming

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Noun1.object-oriented programming - creating a program that can use and support objects
computer programing, computer programming, programing, programming - creating a sequence of instructions to enable the computer to do something
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Object orientated technology -- not only was this software more maintainable than its alternative but it also promoted standardisation
The college says students who enrol on the PS199 week-long course that starts on July 25 will learn "the most important concepts of object orientated computer programming" which could lead to developing games or apps for leading makers like Sony and Microsoft.
0, the latest version of its in-memory and object orientated OLAP aggregation engine.
For this purpose we created an knowledge-based intelligent systems for control and monitoring the parameters referring to the raw water catchment stations and the measuring instruments as: water turbidity, valves' state, the flow on the loading tank', the drinking water level in the tanks and the pressure at the customers The knowledge-based intelligent control and monitoring system was implemented in the Visual Basic programming language which is a high productivity development environment, a visual development software, object orientated, ideal for this type of applications, processes simulations control and monitoring.

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