object-oriented programming

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Noun1.object-oriented programming - creating a program that can use and support objects
computer programing, computer programming, programing, programming - creating a sequence of instructions to enable the computer to do something
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Do consistent analysis of Level 0 output data , and output objects to form Object database; [set .sup.i = 0]
SMARTBIM Online Object Database: http://tinyurl.com/9ag882x.
Fraunhofer FOKUS has deployed the enhanced FOKUS Open IPTV Ecosystem with the Versant Object Database at two proof of concept sites in Singapore and Taiwan.
This paper presents, in its following sections, a buffering application concept based on a DB4Objects object database. The following sections present the concept of object databases with advantages and disadvantages and a speed test performed on DB4Objects and the concept of the buffering application with work-flow diagrams for the main actions performed by it.
VOD's new software development kit for the Microsoft .NET Framework is fully integrated with ADO.NET and LINQ and will create exciting new opportunities and markets for the Versant Object Database by simplifying the adoption of an Entity Framework based approach to application development.
At its heart is a high-performance, multi-dimensional Cache object database from InterSystems.
Before Business Objects, Kellogg served as vice president of marketing at Versant Object Technology, a provider of object database management systems.
Because all data is persisted in the Versant object database the county can make spatial objects persistent as ready-to-use actual objects and avoid the overhead in dealing with object-to-relational methods.
Object database management system vendor Versant Corp has announced plans to purchase the products and customers of privately held South African software company JDO Genie (Pty) Ltd.
In return for the training in the development of interactive instructional materials, a $200 stipend, and multimedia development software, participants were obligated to: 1) attend at least one orientation meeting and/or training appointment; 2) develop at least one learning object that will be copyright free and open to distribution on a public server including the SDCCD Learning Object Database, the MERLOT repository, and/or CVC3 server, 3) follow Section 508 accessibility guidelines in the development of the learning objects; 4) mentor at least one other faculty member in the development and/or use of learning objects by the end of 2003.
Companies installing the new release can perform visual, real-time monitoring of operational parameters and the status of Versant object databases. The versant Monitoring Console is designed to be used in conjunction with the Object Database Management System which is a database for fraud detection, yield management, real-time data collection and analysis, operational support systems and other applications.
Over the past few years, Burlington, Massachusetts-based Excelon has transformed itself from a specialist in object database software into a vendor of web services development technology, XML databases, and business process management software.