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1. (also dōN) Used formerly as a title for male members of Portuguese and Brazilian royalty, aristocracy, and hierarchy, preceding the given name.
2. Roman Catholic Church Used as a title before the names of Benedictine and Carthusian monks in major or minor orders.

[Portuguese, from Latin dominus, lord, master; see dem- in Indo-European roots.]
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1. (Roman Catholic Church) (sometimes capital) RC Church a title given to Benedictine, Carthusian, and Cistercian monks and to certain of the canons regular
2. (Historical Terms) (formerly in Portugal and Brazil) a title borne by royalty, princes of the Church, and nobles
[C18 (monastic title): from Latin dominus lord]


abbreviation for
1. (Architecture) Deo Optimo Maximo
2. informal Dirty Old Man
abbreviation for
(Automotive Engineering) Dominican Republic (international car registration)
[(for sense 1) Latin: to God, the best, the Greatest]
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(dɒm; for 2 also Port. dɔ̃)

1. (sometimes cap.) a title of a monk in certain monastic orders.
2. (usu. cap.) a Portuguese title affixed to a man's given name; Sir: formerly a title of certain dignitaries.
[1710–20; short for Latin dominus lord, master]


a suffix forming nouns that refer to domain (kingdom), collection of persons (officialdom), rank or station (earldom), or general condition (freedom).
[Middle English; Old English -dōm; c. Old Norse -dōmr, German -tum; see doom]


1. Dominica.
2. Dominican.


1. domain.
2. domestic.
3. dominant.
4. dominion.
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The plug-ins convert data between the common object model and other formats.
Finally, the Distributed Interface Model should be specified with the HLA Object Model Template (OMT) in order to be compliant with HLA.
The Office applications exposed a complex object model that could be accessed through a Component Object Model (COM) technology.
Then it uses the descriptive view to describe the semantics of the system and builds an object model and a behaviour model for the content of the system.
In the first section "The Three-Levels Model," we present our approach based on a three-levels model (domain model, learner model, learning object model).
According to (Ousterhout, 1998) these are the rigid structure of object model, high degree of typing and the need of compilation.
The YADBrowser project's main components thus far are the object model of the browser and its script language.
A prototype is in development at the University of Pennsylvania Library under the name of FRED (Format REgistry Demonstration) as part of the TOM (Typed Object Model) project.
This technology embeds within any COM (Component Object Model)-compliant application.
Just like its software counterpart, OSD will have methods, properties (or attributes), and events as the core object model. Such an object model will enable flexible policies that are not possible with current technology.
For example, CocoBase works with the IBM Rational Rose / XDE Object Modeling tool by importing the Object Model in the XMI format and automatically maps the objects to the relational data, auto-generates the persistence and Java code, and can even create the relational tables as well.
The group warned of "a number" of "significant" vulnerabilities in technologies relating to the IE domain/zone security model, DHTML object model, MIME type determination, and ActiveX.

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