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Noun1.object-oriented programming - creating a program that can use and support objects
computer programing, computer programming, programing, programming - creating a sequence of instructions to enable the computer to do something
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His book with Gregor Kiczales and Jim des Rivieres, The Art of the MetaObject Protocol was the first detailed discussion of meta-object protocols and is the basis the object system used in most Common Lisp implementations.
(3) Some applications are only limited to controlled object system of cascaded expression form; for example, the nonlinear ADRC has been successfully applied to the fast tool servosystem [14, 31].
Timmermann, "A Distributed Object System Approach for Dynamic Reconfiguration," in Proc.
Now in a fully updated and expanded fifth edition, "Perl By Example" by academician and Perl expert Ellie Quigley is an 888 page instruction manual that now includes Modern Perl approaches to using data types, operations, conditions, subroutines, packages, modules, references, pointers, files, objects, and more; features many new examples, covers automation, testing, and data extractions; offers a tutorial on writing object-oriented Perl with the Moose object system; provides an introduction to Dancer (a power web application framework designed to replace CGI); as well as updated code examples throughout.
[[alpha].sub.l]) can be estimated with the help of the space functions of an object system [[psi].sub.ij](p) at a nominal value of geodynamic parameters [alpha][R].
There is a chapter on the construction of GUIs using Swing and some other material on GUI elements throughout but it should be noted that the primary focus of the book is on writing clean, fast algorithms and learning the Java object system and language.
Others give suggestions for integrating an object system with a relational database, for example, or for facilitating internal and external communications.
DesktopX works by giving Windows its own native object system. With it, users can add objects to their desktops that can do nearly anything the user imagines.
Sirius Software of Munich, Germany, combines its EOS (Enterprise Object System) platform with prepackaged service monitors that check individual elements in the service delivery process, so that service providers can manage service delivery in its entirety, end-to-end, from both a customer and business impact perspective.
The object system is perceived as static entities connected through possibly changing relationships.
Principia provides an HTML interface to the web object system with many ready to use web objects and an API.