object-oriented programming

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Noun1.object-oriented programming - creating a program that can use and support objects
computer programing, computer programming, programing, programming - creating a sequence of instructions to enable the computer to do something
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Decision makers have to deal with some challenges and think about some issues such as scope, budget, complexity level and feasibility of defense projects, international agreements and contracts signed by the country about defense sources limitations, TRL and TML of the object technology, internal human resources and technological capabilities, potential stakeholders technological capabilities, and potential stakeholders willingness to share technology and knowledge, geopolitical position of a country (distance to technological areas, stakeholders and other resources), international strategic alliances with other countries and risk of failure are factors which affect defense project managers when choosing technology transfer type and method.
Because of the divergence in the paradigms and representation of data in object technology and relational database, the system developers have consumed a lot of their treasured development time on maintaining consistency between the two approaches.
Distributed Object Technology has been introduced to alleviate some of the aforementioned client/server difficulties.
In addition to enabling rapid SQL development and deployment, CACHE offers the object technology preferred for deployment in the inherently object-oriented Web environment with a object model, including encapsulation, polymorphism, multiple inheritance, collections, and relationships.
Before Business Objects, Kellogg served as vice president of marketing at Versant Object Technology, a provider of object database management systems.
We chose Versant and its object technology based on price and performance, support of Linux, and their compatibility with BEA WLI."
BMC Software is leveraging the advances in object technology with the introduction of its Total Object Manager (TOM), now available with MAINVIEW AutoOPERATOR for OS/390 version 6.3.01.
Unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the James Bond-style SPOT (Smart Personal Object Technology) wristwatch uses an FM network called DirectBand to provide a range of personalised information direct to your wrist.
This paper presents a survey of Distributed Object Technology (DOT).
He was an object technology consultant for IBM Global Services and formerly served as IT director of the University of Tampa.
Software professionals from across Europe are invited to participate in a conference on contemporary software practice 012001, the ninth annual object technology conference, will take place in Oxford from 2-4 April 2001.
We selected an object technology approach using C++ as the implementation language because of its efficiency and the availability of numerous off-the-shelf software components.