Objects, Miscellaneous

Objects, Miscellaneous

  1. Beach umbrellas, bright as lollipops … like flowers grown grossly out of proportion in a garden —Stanley Elkin
  2. Blankets and pillows … like loving, hugging arms —Jean Stafford
  3. (Bernard’s) camera clicks like the gnashing of a lizard’s tiny teeth —R. Wright Campbell
  4. Canes like swords —John Dickson Carr
  5. (Dangle) a long row of credit cards like the flags on the mast of a ship —George Garrett
  6. Pennants steam from the twin copper peaks of the roof [of the golf course clubhouse] like a castle at tournament time —Walker Percy

    See Also: HOUSES

  7. The phone goes off like a shrill alarm —Jay Mclnerney
  8. The plow bucked and staggered like a cow with a broken back —Will Weaver
  9. Refrigerator as big as a garden shed —François Camoin
  10. (Sometimes I think) TVs are like dollhouses but with real, little people inside —Will Weaver

    In his novel, Red Earth, White Earth, Weaver expands on this image as follows: “Close your eyes sometime, and put your ear right on the side of the T.V. It’s like you’re listening through a wall to the neighbors.”

  11. Transistor radio —one of those ghetto blasters that look like assorted pie plates glued to a masonry block —Jonathan Valin
  12. A [very small] watch … rode her bare wrist like a rubber band around a leg of lamb —Loren D. Estleman
  13. Umbrellas, like faces, acquire a certain sympathy with the individual who carries them —J. W. Ferrier
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