Oblate spheroid

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Circling just 110,000 kilometers from Jupiter's cloudtops, Amalthea seemed an ideal probe of the gravitational field around the giant oblate spheroid of the planet.
25] investigated the flow past a thin oblate spheroid falling at terminal velocity in an infinite, viscous fluid.
From here, the spinning black hole will have an event horizon that appears as an oblate spheroid.
a filament can be modeled as a prolate spheroid and a thin chip as an oblate spheroid.
For oblate spheroid we end up with the following formula
It is not, however, perfectly round but an oblate spheroid.
In our case, a shape transition from spherical to oblate spheroid was observed at an Eotvos number around unity.
To those of us brought up with the Mercator and Gall projections, this one-dimensional representation (or distortion) of the Earth's oblate spheroid looks distinctly odd, and one recent authoritative work on map projections noted that the Werner projection was "no longer used, except as a novelty".
Instead of being almost perfectly spherical as the Sun and Moon are, Earth would be an oblate spheroid according to Newton's reasoning.
It has been established [2] that the covariant metric tensor in the region exterior to a static homogeneous oblate spheroid in oblate spheroidal coordinates is given as
Newton had suggested that, on the basis of his gravitational theory, the Earth ought to be an oblate spheroid and have an equatorial bulge, because it was rotating (see 1687, Universal Gravitation).
In this article, we verify the validity of our metric tensor exterior to a massive homogeneous oblate spheroid by studying gravitational spectral shift in the vicinity of the Sun, Earth and other oblate spheroidal planets.