Oblique planes

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(Dialing) planes which decline from the zenith, or incline toward the horizon.

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Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) was introduced in dentistry a few years ago and is considered an effective diagnostic modality as it provides three-dimensional (3D) information and is accepted as the most reliable in vivo method for visualising canal morphology in endodontics.19,20 CBCT provides clinicians an opportunity to visualise root canal anatomy not only in cross-sectional, sagittal and coronal planes, but also in oblique planes. Provision of images in three different planes eliminates the overlap of anatomical structure, hence increasing the diagnostic accuracy.
All these planes can be viewed in thin slices, increasing its accuracy for the detection of small changes in the canal anatomy and the surrounding peri-apical tissues which were previously impossible.27 In a CBCT software, several tools are available which makes it possible to provide images in an oblique plane, hence increasing its precision.
By reformatting high-resolution CT sections of SSC with 0.5-1 mm intervals (in oblique planes such as those of Poschl/Stenver), high rates of sensitivity and specificity were obtained.
Mammography in the craniocaudad and mediolateral oblique planes demonstrated a well-circumscribed, equal-density oval mass measuring approximately 2.5 cm at 12:00 in the left breast at the site of the palpable lump indicated by a metallic BB marker (Figure 2).
All patients had body-coil MR Imaging examinations including the following sequences for anatomic and pathologic information: T2 sagittal T1 T2 and STIR axial oblique T2 and STIR coronal oblique and post contrast T1 FAT SAT sagittal axial oblique and coronal oblique planes. Scans were interpreted by a senior radiologist with more than 5 year experience in body MR imaging.
KUMAR, S., NARAYAN, Y., AMELL, T., FERRARI, R., 2002, Electromyography of superficial cervical muscles with exertion in the sagittal, coronal and oblique planes. European spine journal: official publication of the European Spine Society, the European Spinal Deformity Society, and the European Section of the Cervical Spine Research Society, 11 (1): 27-37.
Most famously he, with Virilio, came up with the idea of the fonction oblique-, the notion that more free, open and flowing networks of inhabitation could be created if the traditional dominance of horizontal and vertical divisions were replaced by diagonal and oblique planes.
1.) In addition to displaying source images in cine mode, 3-D workstations can reconstruct volumetric data sets instantly into the axial, coronal, sagittal or oblique planes. Curved planar reformations allow single-image tracking of objects that run through several planes, such as vessels or airways.
Instead, van Berkel & Bos' bunker-like dwelling on Aaltostraat registers as a series of apparently impenetrable, oblique planes rising gently from the street level on the south side of the site.
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