Oblique planes

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(Dialing) planes which decline from the zenith, or incline toward the horizon.

See also: Oblique

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The existing bridge objects consist of two oblique planes, Each parallel-belted steel racks with support widths of 67.
Mammography in the craniocaudad and mediolateral oblique planes demonstrated a well-circumscribed, equal-density oval mass measuring approximately 2.
All patients had body-coil MR Imaging examinations including the following sequences for anatomic and pathologic information: T2 sagittal T1 T2 and STIR axial oblique T2 and STIR coronal oblique and post contrast T1 FAT SAT sagittal axial oblique and coronal oblique planes.
2002, Electromyography of superficial cervical muscles with exertion in the sagittal, coronal and oblique planes.
Most famously he, with Virilio, came up with the idea of the fonction oblique-, the notion that more free, open and flowing networks of inhabitation could be created if the traditional dominance of horizontal and vertical divisions were replaced by diagonal and oblique planes.
In addition to displaying source images in cine mode, 3-D workstations can reconstruct volumetric data sets instantly into the axial, coronal, sagittal or oblique planes.
Instead, van Berkel & Bos' bunker-like dwelling on Aaltostraat registers as a series of apparently impenetrable, oblique planes rising gently from the street level on the south side of the site.
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