Oblique projection

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a projection made by parallel lines drawn from every point of a figure and meeting the plane of projection obliquely.

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If CT is not available, additional chest film views, such as a serendipity view (anteroposterior view with 40[degrees] cephalic tilt) or Heinig view (oblique projection perpendicular to SCJ), may be obtained; an ultrasound is also an option.
Caption: Figure 3: 3D reconstruction image of the heart in the right anterior oblique projection demonstrates severely dilated and tortuous RCA (green arrow) and dilated LMCA (blue arrow) along with large intercoronary collaterals (white arrow).
Video 2: after second LDSITT, control renal artery angiography (right anterior oblique projection) showing residual thromboembolic materials in the left renal artery branches.
In [13-16], oblique projection technology was introduced into the polarization domain.
Byrne, "Iterative oblique projection onto convex sets and the split feasibility problem," Inverse Problems.
[sup][15] TFC in the LAD and LCX were assessed in a right anterior oblique projection with caudal angulation and RCA in left anterior oblique projection with cranial angulation.
When the frame was pressed flat, it simulated the parallel and distorted state of the oblique projection system of a cube and bounced back to its original shape when the pressure was released.
Section 2 is concerned of composite operators which include sequences of pairs of contractive operators including, in general, oblique projection operators in the operator composite strip.
Left anterior oblique projection showing fistula tract originating from proximal RCA RCA--right coronary artery
Positioning was always checked in the left anterior oblique projection. It was ensured that the tip of the needle and sheath assembly was pointing directly away from the plane of vision and slightly anterior.
To this end, P must be chosen as an oblique projection with the property that when its nullspace Z is A-invariant, so is its range [[??].sup.[perpendicular to]].
On the oblique projection (cranial leg), the hip-joint angle of Hispaniolan Amazon parrots was significantly smaller than that of barred owls.