a.1.Indistinct; slurred over.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Gearhouse Broadcast will be showing an updated model of its fully-equipped, live production OBLite HD trailer at IBC2014.
Capable of housing a seven- to eight-person production and operation crew, OBLite features eight of the latest Hitachi Z-HD6000 camera channels.
Structural updates to OBLite include a new, lighter chassis, built-in retractable door steps, a load-bearing roof with operator safety harness and anti-slip surface, waterproof mouse holes for cable runs, stabilisation jacks and flush door locking mechanisms.
"Inspired by the customer interest that OBLite has generated over the past year, and its subsequent sale to Vision View Productions in South Africa, we have refined its design and capabilities, using the latest technology to make it even more flexible and easy to operate", said Kevin Moorhouse, COO of Gearhouse Broadcast.
Si en el mentado cuento, con la frase "el estuario cuyas aguas tienen el color del desierto" se indica el muy evidente Rio de la Plata, a la vez que con el sintagma "el olor de los eucaliptos" caracteriza el suburbio donde sera ejecutado Lonnrot, permitiendo reponer el toponimo oblite rado: Adrogue, tambien en la version reescrita del poema a Quiroga, este procedimiento revela su eficacia.